The Nigerian Army has redeployed all its troops who survived the recent Boko Haram attack on its Matele base in Northeastern Borno State to a more porous location.

This according to a source was done without any upgrade of their operational equipment.

The new base located near Baga village has been attacked severally with the army suffering severe casualties.

The Army officials in 7th Brigade however last month insisted that the location could not be left vacant.

Thus, the soldiers who fled the Matele base after an attack that left over 100 of them dead, were deployed to the base with the instruction, "run when you see them coming," one of the soldiers told MK.

The base is however located in a "flat and open" terrain with no place to take cover, the soldier said.

"These guys use AA on human beings and these are weapons used to bring down aircrafts, which's round can go as far as 2km," he said.

The soldier whose name cannot be revealed for his safety suspects a conspiracy by the Army authorities to have the surviving troops extinguished.

The Nigerian government had last month vowed to upgrade equipment for the soldiers fighting the Boko Haram terrorist group in the Northeast, but this appears not to have been kept.

Efforts to reach the army authorities in Borno and the Defense Headquarters were however abortive as of publishing time.