Nigerian troops who escaped Boko Haram's November 18 attack in Matele, Borno State were yesterday dislodged from their hideout.

Military sources say the troops were attacked at about 5pm, local time in a location called "Cross", near Baga in the northeastern state.

MK had reported earlier in the week that the troops had been deployed to the location without sufficient weapons.

The Army authorities who had allegedly declined the soldiers' request for stronger firepower had asked them to flea at the sight of the insurgents, a source said.

Over 100 survivors of the Matele attack were deployed to the new base by the 7th Brigade authorities but only 30 had mobilized when the attack took place, said the source.

It was however not clear if any casualties resulted from the attack.

The new base which the army authorities said could not be left vacant has however been deserted, the source who is one of the soldiers sent there revealed.

The base according to him has severally been attacked by the insurgents.