The Plateau State Peace Building Agency says the problem of "herder-farmer clashes" in the State is beyond disputes between the two groups.

The causes are as complex as the actors involved and the  underlying issues are wide ranging also, Director General of the Agency, Mr. Joseph Lemgmang said.

Flagging off the phase two of the agency's monthly peace architecture dialogue funded by the United States Embassy in Nigeria on Wednesday, Mr. Lemgman blamed "mercenaries and outlaws-Cattle rustlers, ethnic militias, aggrieved young men on revenge mission for past injustice, arm dealers, bad politicians, bad law enforcement officers, bad local chiefs and religious as well as community leaders for the lingering problem.

He also blamed among others, desertification and climate change as well as overpopulation for the crisis.

"The crisis is further worsened by the breakdown of social relations between farmers and herders over the years etc," the agency's boss said.

While there is 'absolutely' no easy way out, Mr. Lengman said stakeholders "just have to dig ways out of the problem by adopting a multifaceted problem-solving approach as opposed to mere emotional outbursts or sentiments."

"We cant keep spilling blood as no one can ever win this war and we don’t want to be caught in this vicious cycle of violence.

"We also cannot expel neither the Fulani nor the indigenous farmers - the country belongs to all of us and there is no way out for us other than to learn to reconcile our differences and live in Peace with one another," said the PPBA pointsman.