Two Plateau College students declared missing in March 2018 are still to be found, family sources say.

Mr. Darlington Davou and Steve Rowland Ronku, both students of the Plateau State College of Health Technology, Zawang, Jos were thought to be abducted sometimes between March 12th and 17th, 2018.

Their disappearance was noticed when they were conspicuously missing from school during examinations.

The case said to have been reported to the B Division of the Plateau State Police Command was believed to have been abandoned until the affected families approached the Special Anti robbery Squad.

Mr. Davou was reported to have called his mother on April 3rd, 2018 using an unknown MTN line.

Family sources say Mr. Davou hurriedly uttered in a trembling voice, "mama don't cry" three times in Berom language before going off the phone.

His mother was said to have called the line back and heard a different male voice which warned that it was a wrong line before the phone went off.

The Police Special Anti Robbery Squad in Jos reportedly traced the phone line to one Mrs. Hindatu in Sokoto, Northwestern Nigeria.

A female voice had reportedly warned family members calling Mr. Davou's phone line in Hausa language, that they should stop disturbing with calls.

""Pass me that bastard here," the voice said in Hausa language after warning us before she hung up," a family member said.

Mrs. Hindatu, the prime suspect was however traced and arrested after families of the abductees facilitated the transportation of Police agents from Jos to Sokoto but soon released by the B Division Police authorities in Jos.

An independent cyber investigation said to have been sponsored by families of the abductees on the request of the Police was expected to facilitate further investigations.

The case which is still to be cracked by the Plateau State Police Command is however feared to already be considered for court hearing.

Families of the missing students are worried that the suspects might use economic and political might to influence the case in their favour even if guilty of the crime.

The Plateau State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Tyopev Terna however on Wednesday assured of thoroughly investigating the case for justice and the possible rescue of the missing students.

Efforts to get comments from authorities of the Plateau State College of Health Zawang proved abortive at the time of filing this report as the available phone lines were unreachable.