A major film distribution company in the United States, Barnett Digital Partners is currently working to link Nigerian documentary film and movie makers with marketers around the world.

The project is in agreement with the  Hollywood based Digital Distribution Coalition, a conglomerate of top US. film marketing firms, Warner Bros Ltd included, said Mr. John Barnett, founder and CEO of the company.

The biggest holdup for Nigerian films despite their popularity according to Burnett is poor distribution.

"A Nollywood film is considered a major success if it hits 300,000USD.

"This is because the distribution of of Nollywood is limited to Nigeria and some other West African States, completely missing the most lucrative market in the world," he said.

While BDP has for the past five years worked to link Nollywood with the US' Hollywood for global quality and distribution, it is equally making efforts to promote Nigerian documentaries across over 1600 theatres, representing over 32000 screens in six major cities in the United States, the BDP boss stated.

He said, "We take a product (film), beam it into the satellite and then transmit such to the theatres with all the revenues tracked."

Poor revenue tracking, Barnett said has resulted in poor funding of Nigerian films, resulting in poor quality productions.

Mr. Burnett was speaking on digital Documentary distribution at a documentary workshop organized by the African International Documentary Festival Foundation in Abuja, the capital of the West African State.

The training holding at Alien Prose Studios aims to train Nigerian journalists and documentary filmmakers, to better communicate African stories through films and other forms of visual art.