Since my days as a student of Political Communication, I have known politics to be a system where people exercise their abilities to influence others to accept their views or support their positions on issues, or even accept to follow their lead on any issue at all not necessarily governance.

Growing up and stepping into the field however, politics has appeared to be a warfare where opposing parties deploy all financial and military resources to crush one another, deplete the populations of their followers in order to create chances for themselves or even rid the people contending with them on any position.

Where they can't achieve these, they destroy anything they perceive to be a threat to their success in the polity including campaign posters, billboards, projects, vehicles or buildings.

Where one party feels it controls the largest population of voters, it either poisons the minds of its followers against its opponents or create avenues for the total prevention of parties or supporters from elsewhere from accessing such communities.

I might be quite young to understand how politics used to be played in the early 60s, 70s and 80s. However, in the words of the Late Dr. Dan Maraya Jos, if one is grown, he/she should know they are grown.

 A country practicing politics independent of external control for close to 60 years that cannot boast of the records of a baby country as South Africa which only secured independence in the 90s is pathetic.

I have read and witnessed instances where supporters of political parties attack their opponents or their supporters. In Jos, I have seen people tearing down bill boards, vehicles and other properties belonging to parties opposed to theirs.

In fact, a look through Mararabar Jama'a round about down to Bauchi Road, one would see several mutilated billboards of the APC at Mararaba Jama'a, Zawang junction, Anguldi, Dadin Kowa and Sparkling junctions. Then from Meyango junction, billboards of the PDP are clearly damaged at various locations down to Bauchi road.

And I ask, does damaging a billboards increase your own votes or reduces voters' admiration for  your opponent? I thought this politics thing is like evangelism where one appeals to the conscience of the person he is trying to convert, gradually and patiently?

If I'm the one you are trying to concert from one ideology to yours and then you are not giving me reasons to accept what you believe in, but rather attacking mine and destroying things possibly belonging to the people upon whom I depend for survival, direction and motivation, who are possibly my friends or family members, tell me sincerely why I should ever accept you anywhere near me.

If you on the other hand attack me or my relation in the name of your boss, tell me why I shouldn't attack you when I catch you alone or even swear against you and your master for live so that even when you later see reasons to come back and pitch tents with me, I'll never see you as friend?

Politicians in Nigeria and especially Plateau my home, note this: we that don't care about politics because we believe it has been contaminated in so many ways are few but very influential.

You either change your ways, warn your followers or you have us raise an arsenal against you. Enough of this nonsense!