The All Progressives Congress on Saturday held what has become the most controversial Presidential campaign rally at least this year in Central Nigeria, if not the country as a whole.

The rally held at the 15,000 capacity Rwang Pam Township Stadium, Jos Plateau State was disrupted just when political bigwigs from the APC had landed at the Jos Yakubu Gowon Airport, ready to rain speeches and preachments, as well as perform vital functions including receiving defectors from other political parties.

President Muhammadu Buhari arrived the stadium at about 3pm in company of Gov. Simon Lalong and other government officials after the Party's National Chairman, Adams Oshiomole among others.

The cheer on his face was indicative of the excitement in his heart having seen what he later described as a swim of supporters he'd never seen before.

He was clearly ready to rollout his achievements and plans for them firsthand but fortunately or unfortunately, he was forced to leave the stadium without a word.

The stadium was already filled to capacity when the Director General of the Industrial Training Fund ITF, Sir Joseph Ntung Ari who was Anchor of the program appealed to securities to relax entry restrictions or any other corporal management of the crowds.

The appeal made slightly after 2pm before President Buhari's arrival was clearly out of concern that many who came for the love of Buhari were not going to see him or leave without injuries from securities.

Mr. Ari, a onetime General Manager of the Plateau Radio Television Corporations and a seasoned Public Relations practitioner has always been known for listening to and designing programs that leave his publics satisfied towards improving their perception of the situation, people or organization he is managing.

His appeal, though later misreported was in the interest of the APC as many who were stranded outside the stadium including those who trekked long distances due to the restriction of movements in the city that day were already getting discouraged with the party.

Some were even heard saying the President frustrating them while seeking their votes was not compassionate or appreciative of their support and therefore not worth their time or votes.

Joe Ari as he is fondly called knew that the frustrations of many had gotten to an explosive state and only needed to be eased before the crowds grew wild to violently disrupt the event. After all, among those in that state were youths who had soaked themselves in hard drugs and were ready to take bullets without a blink.

Mr. Ari's announcement did cause an avalanche of spectators in the stadium who swum in through the fences and light poles of the stadium in uncontrollable excitement.

Yes they broke down the gate and barricades of the pitch, tore down billboards on light poles and walls, flooded the two podiums mounted for use by officials, the roofs of the canopies included as well as damaged or stole as alleged the cables and other accessories to the Public Address systems, making it impossible for anyone to address the crowd, not even the President.

Yes they laid waste to resources of government including those spent on live transmission of the program. But what do we know? Gov. Simon Lalong had always wanted a chance to show how powerful he is and how well he has grabbed the state for APC and there couldn't have been a better time. Perhaps if the crowds were left to be battered or caged outside by the thousands of security personnel deployed for that function, only those officially cleared would have been seen and certainly the opposition would have criticized him as having lost the goodwill of the state.

Joe Ari may have been criticized but he saved the President the stress of having to campaign in Plateau State. He saved Lalong the stress of having to argue about who has the largest crowd and he possibly saved the APC from the pain of having to lose its loyal members due to unnecessary security restrictions.

As a writer, I'm only allowed to make fair comments and not take sides but this is the reality of what I saw. I would have written same if it were another party. Clearly, Buhari by the virtue of that crowd has majority of Plateau State. However, given the composition of the crowd in terms of sociocultural orientation, he might need to do more to convince the indigenous tribes some more to join him otherwise he might not have it all that smooth in next month's elections.

The controversy of herder-farmer clashes, grazing reserves, religious sentiments, selective anti corruption crusade and a whole lot of other allegations against the President still linger.

Such sentiments need to be neutralized beyond the placement of campaign billboards in strategic locations, the sponsorship of campaign jingles, "propaganda" speeches and other forms of advertisements.

People especially in the middlebelt are looking for two main things - unity and peace. Anyone who shows them such concerns without whipping sentiments such as political, or trying to victimize them or make them see themselves as the cause of their own problems is the one they would go for whether such is right or wrong.