The Nigeria Labour Congress has swiftly and strongly rejected the twenty-seven thousand-naira minimum wages adopted by the national council of state.
NLC General Secretary, Peter Ozo-Eson in a telephone interview with AIT said the council has no jurisdiction to determine another amount after a tripartite committee submitted its report.
The NLC said it was unacceptable for Govt to delay the submission of an executive bill to the national assembly and by wrongfully adopt 27,000 nairas through the council of state.
Ozo-Eson said already the NLC has convoked a national executive council meeting for Friday to weigh the deadline it gave to the government within which to submit an executive bill to the national assembly.
Labour said the latest government action would only lead to a shutdown of the economy because workers cannot be held responsible for any development after its NEC meeting on Friday.
Copied from, credited to AIT