About 30 Internally Displaced Persons in Plateau State who were last month returned to their homes by the Plateau State government have returned back to IDP camps.

Many of them no longer feel safe in their communities due to resurging attacks in the Northern part of the State, MK learns.

The presence of securities in the communities is not enough to guarantee their safety, Mr. Dakab Jock, the Welfare officer of the IDP camp in Geosciences school, Anguldi, Jos told MK on Thursday.

"The last attacks in June where over 200 people were killed were carried out despite the full presence of securities," he said.

Over 200 IDPs were in December relocated from the Geosciences camp back to their homes in Kakuruk, Kuzen and Kurafalls villages through a joint effort of the civil and military authorities in the Central Nigerian State.

The move followed months of relative peace in the earlier sacked villages until the attacks began resurfacing on December 23, 2018.

More than 15 people have been killed in different attacks since then with over 300 houses destroyed in one of the incidences.