The Director General of the Peoples Democratic Party campaign organization in Plateau State, Prof. Dimis Mailafiya has officially filed a suit against for alleged defamation of character.

Prof. Mailafiya through M.Y. Saleh (SAN) & Co in December opened a case against the publisher of the news blog, Masara Kim in a Jos High Court, weeks after serving a letter demanding a retraction on a news report on MKB in October 2018.

The said report cites anonymous sources as saying the Don had been bribed to influence the choice of a running mate for the PDP gubernatorial candidate.

The JT Useni campaign anchorman in the writ served on Mr. Kim last Friday demanded a public declaration that the said news post was false and defamatory, the sum of N50,000,000 as damages, a public apology and an injunction restraining the blog from publishing any such reports against him.

Mr. Kim who was given eight days to appear, beginning Friday filed a memorandum of conditional appearance on the case on Tuesday through Komak Law Company, Jos.

The case is expected to be opened for hearing in 30 days.