An aspiring member of the Nigerian Federal legislature, Mr. Dachung Bagos says government is playing politics with citizens lives in Plateau State.

The growing killings of locals  which have resurfaced after weeks of normalcy in the state are a sign that government never really addressed the conflicts as claimed, he said.

Despite launching a "Roadmap to Peace" in March 2018, Mr. Bagos alleges that not much has been done by the government to implement the document for peace to prevail in the state.

In an interview with MK Reporters in Jos, the State capital, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) flag bearer for the seat of the member representing Jos South/Jos East constituency in the Nigerian House of Representatives said the government's claims of restoring peace were political.

"The peace that the present administration has always portrayed is political peace," he said.

The true roadmap to peace according to him is working to unite the diverse sociocultural groups in the state for harmonious coexistence.

"You cannot achieve peace without unity," Mr. Bagos, a renowned youth activist said.

He demanded a speedy end to the returning killings in the state towards neutralizing apprehensions ahead of the February General polls in the country.

He said, "Many Politicians will look at the attacks as a deliberate plan to reduce political strengths of certain groups in certain locations, or an attempt at scaring the electorates from coming out to vote or even create artificial crisis so that INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission) will declare that no polls should hold in certain places," Mr. Bagos said.