The Plateau State Police Command says its has commenced intelligent and strategic raid of criminal hideouts ahead of the 2019 polls in Nigeria.

The Commans according to its head, CP Austin Agbonlahor has also commenced "careful" assessment of election flash points.

Speaking in Jos the Plateau State capital on Saturday during the INEC townhall meeting preparatory to the polls, Mr. Agbonlahor the command is also preparing to neutralize any threat to peace during the elections proper.

He however cautioned against violent celebrations and other acts capable of causing chaos after the elections.

"If you are a winner, be careful the way you celebrate so that the losers will not feel too bad.

"The losers are also advised to take it as the decision of the electorates and prepare to do better during the next elections," he said.

See his full speech at the event:


Ladies and gentlemen,

I want to use this opportunity to appreciate you for all efforts you have put in place to make sure that the campaigns and other political activities move on smoothly. 

In line with the forth coming 2019 General Elections and the increase in the political activities in Plateau State,

Command CP Austin I. Agbonlahor psc, fdc in synergy with other security organisations and law enforcement agencies have decided to approach the elections from different perspectives.

Instead of taking it to be an event, the Command has decided to make it a process. The process is carefully divided into three (3) phases;

The pre-election period which is already on is witnessing intelligent and strategic raid of criminal hideouts and careful assessment of election flash points.

The second phase the Command is preparing for is the elections proper; this is the period that requires the collaboration of everybody. The Police and other security agencies, the INEC, political parties, the candidates and the voters. I advice politicians and political parties to educate their supporters to be orderly during elections.

Last but not least is the Post Elections Phase; which is very challenging. This phase witnesses announcement of result and the reaction of both the winners and the losers. If you are a winner, be careful the way you celebrate so that the losers will not feel too bad. The losers are also advised to take it as the decision of the electorates and prepare to do better during the next elections.

In order to achieve a violent free elections on the Plateau, all the critical stakeholders; the INEC, the Police, other security and law enforcement agencies, the political parties, contestants, youth leaders and religious leaders must cooperate by prevailing on the youth to eschew violence but embrace peace. I want to use this opportunity to call on the INEC to be fair to all concern and to be neutral in handling the elections.

The Command has also drawn an elaborate Operation Order that takes care of all Services. This is designed to cover the seventeen (17) local governments in Plateau State, all the Registration Area Centres (RACs), Polling Units and Voting Points. The good thing about this new posting is that personnel are posted by name and they can be held liable in a case of any problem. It has also given us a firm control over our personnel and a fair distribution of personnel across the State.

The Command has taken proper control of the SARS and its personnel shall be used appropriately.

The telephone lines of the Commissioner of Police and members of his management team as well as the Divisional Police Officers are in the public domain and shall again be shared to the stakeholders here for prompt report of the activities of our personnel during elections.

The Joint Operation Room has also been put in place at the Police Command Headquarters and it shall be managed by the personnel of all security agencies.

The regular meeting with members of the Inter-Agency Consultative Committee on Elections Security (ICCES) has given us opportunity to understand our strength and synergise properly to defeat our weaknesses.

We are also carefully monitoring the campaigns and rallies of all political parties to avoid clash of venue and other interests. I advice political parties to maintain the maturity so far exhibited.

The Command is carefully gathering intelligence for proper analysis and better operation. This intelligence gathering has informed and enhanced our threats mapping to tackle the operations of Sara Suka and other cult groups in the State for violent free elections.

On the issue of the Arms and Ammunition mop-up, the Inspector General of Police’s window is still open for people to willingly summit their arms that are illegally acquired to the Plateau State Police Command before it will be too late.

The abuse of drugs and the consumption of illicit substances are on the rise and must be checked. Political Parties should not encourage this for the benefit of the larger society. 

The Destruction of Campaign Bill Boards of opposing political parties should be discouraged. Although, nobody has officially reported to the Police but the social media is a washed with such complaints. This should be discouraged by all and sundry.       

All the above strategies can be a mirage if there is no synergy and cooperation from all of us seated here.

Let us all resolve to have the most peaceful elections in Plateau State.

Thank you all.