The Social Democratic Party says "collateral damage" awaits the Peoples Democratic Party for accepting its 'self-acclaimed' Gubernatorial candidate, John Pofi.

Mr. Pofi announced his defection to the leading Nigerian opposition Party two weeks ago after months of battle for the SDP Gubernatorial ticket in Plateau State.

His defection according to SDP officials is however a move to escape 'embarrassment' having failed in trying to "form a clog in the wheel" of its 'authentic' Gubernatorial candidate, Godfrey Miri.

"We view the purported resignation of Mr pofi who has been parading himself as the party's flag bearer as a cunning move to escape embarrassment from a pending court verdict which he had instituted against the candidature of Mr Miri.

"Seeing that all facts needed to proof his case were non available, such as lack of evidence to even show that he had purchased the expression of interest form, or even participated in the party's primaries, the impostor had no choice but to quickly abandon the ambition," a statement by Mr. Yusuf  Hamman, the Director, Godfrey Miri campaign organization says.

Reacting to the allegations, Mr. John Pofi, a Pastor with the Living Faith Church said he left the Party after it was "hijacked by impostors".

In a telephone interview with MKB, Pofi said, "I singlehandedly built the Party from scratch in Plateau and legitimately earned my ticket as the Gubernatorial flag bearer of the Party.

"Godfrey Miri came from nowhere, because he has been a crook from INEC to force himself to the top.

"The so-called affirmation of his candidature was attended by no exco member but a group of impostors."

The now PDP member said he could still win his case against the Party and get back his mandate but no longer belongs to the Party.

"I toured the whole of the 17 LGAs in Plateau which Godfrey Miri never did.

"He isn't known anywhere in the State or elsewhere and is therefore going nowhere.

"I would have stayed and walked with him if he had shown any prospects of victory in the elections but as it is now, why should I waste my time?" Pofi said.