A Central Nigerian ethnic group, Butura is to introduce horse riding into its transportation system.

Formerly found in Sokoto State, Southwest Nigeria according to old legends but now predominantly in Bokkos Local Government, Plateau State, the group is thought to be reverting back to its traditional culture.

The Butura community Chief, His Royal Highness, Saf Gabriel John Mallo yesterday said horse riding was traditional to the Ron ethnic subgroup.

"As cattle are traditional to the Fulani, so are horses traditional to us.

"Our parents passed them as inheritance to their children until their disappearance," Mallo said at the eve of the 2019 Nahwai cultural festival of the Butura people holding today.

Although civilization is good, abandoning core cultural values he said was socially risky.

Focus according to him will therefore be on dialectical communication and reconciliation of warring clans as first step to reviving cultural values in the community.

"Our people never envied or hated one another for any reasons.

"We must therefore bring back these values as such is the only way to progress as a people," the village Chief said.

Meanwhile, the Butura Community Development Association has held a free medical outreach in conjunction with a local students group.

The medical outreach, held in Maikatako, Kunet and Butura Gida villages covered at least 1000 beneficiaries with free drugs and diagnosis given.

An international students union has equally held a street rally against the illegal sale and consumption of hard drugs.

The rally held yesterday in Bokkos, Plateau State along with the BCDA medical outreach formed part of activities marking the Nahwai Day.

The Nahwai Day celebration comes up today at the Butura Gida playground, West of Bokkos town by 10am.