Former Nigerian House of Reps aspirants, Hon. Daniel Dem and Hon. Davou Mang have said that using the past to justify Saturday's shifted elections contradicts the All Progressives Congress Party's "change" mantra.

The ruling Party according to the duo was elected to correct, not repeat the past.

Mr. Dem who contested Plateau's Barkin Ladi/Riyom Federal constituency seat in 2018 under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) said in an interview with MKB, "If something wrong happens in the past, and we say it should happen again, then we are not moving forward."

Similarly, Mr. Mang who contested the same position with Mang, which was won by ex Rep member, Simon Mwadkon said, "If you come with a change mantra and you begin to refer to those things that happened before, then where is the change?"

They both believe the shift was precalculated.

"Even when the shift was announced, the APC politicians were not moved.

"They were in fact still dishing out funds to prospective voters," Dem, a serving Plateau House of Assembly Member said.

On his part, Mr. Mang, a former Finance Commissioner in Plateau State said, "I think they knew about it because there were indications long before the election date."

The two however differed on the possibility of voters still turning out for the polls on Saturday.

While Hon. Dem believes voter apathy will likely be experienced, Hon. Mang believes people who were uninterested in the polls would like be spurred to participate by the postponement.

"Aborted Independence Day"

The PDP House of Reps Candidate for Barkin Ladi/Riyom Federal Constituency, Hon. Simon Mwadkon who was equally disappointed with the shift said the elections would have marked another "Independence Day" for Nigeria.

"People are already tired of the hardship induced by this present government and you could see their desire to vote them out for good," he said.

He however called on Nigerians not to allow the anger caused by the shift to keep them from voting on Saturday.

This would likely give the ruling party an opportunity to 'rig' the elections, he said.

In picture above: INEC Ad Hoc staff alighting from a bus, Saturday morning after spending a night at their areas of posting waiting for election materials