A Nigerian Don, Rev. Prof. Pandang Yamsat on Thursday said Nigerians must “think critically” before allowing PDP or APC to lead the country in the forthcoming Presidential elections.
Yamsat, a former President of the Church of Christ in Nations and one-time Chief Executive of the Theological College of Northern Nigeria (TCNN), Jos said the leading rival parties in Nigeria have polarized the country.
“We are witnesses of their manner of leadership that is polarizing the people and taking the country into a state of destruction,” he said.
Speaking to journalists in Jos the Plateau State capital, the Executive Director, Centre for Value and Attitudinal Reawakening said Nigerians should look beyond the two rival parties which he said have made themselves to be seen as the only political parties to choose from.
Yamsat specifically advised citizens to vote a young, vibrant and God fearing candidate as President, which he believes the leading parties lack.
“The new Nigeria that Nigerians are looking for should be a young mind and not people who are difficult to change and have ruled us for ages and the result of their leadership has taken us downhill and not uphill to greater heights,” he said.
Given the current zoning formula in the country which favours the North, Rev. Yamsat called Nigerians to support Moses Shippi, a young Northern Nigerian candidate from Bwai, Bauchi State contesting on the platform of the All Blending Party.