A 61 year old woman, Mrs. Asawan Margaret Zakka was on Monday brutally raped and murdered by yet to be identified persons in Bokkos, Plateau State.

Mrs. Zakka, a widow was said to have been attacked in her house at Angwan Lugwe in New Layout area, located 1km south of the Bokkos Local Government Secretariat.

The criminals reportedly demanded for money before gangraping her in her bed.

They brutalized her before forcing their way into her with either of them holding her hands and mouth for the other at each step of the way, it was gathered.

"They beat her, raped her and brutally stabbed her in her generalia with a knife before fleeing," one of her neighbors said.

The deceased had crawled in her pool of blood to her neighborhors' house after being left for dead by the assailants.

The neighbors instantly called Military Task Force base located 500mtrs away from the scene of the crime.

She was then taken to a private clinic in Bokkos by the Task Force personnel where she died shortly later.

Doctors say she suffered 'severe' knife injuries in her genetalia measuring 4cm deep. 

Mrs. Zakka was said to have described the assailants as "familiar herdsmen" before giving up.

The assailants had robbed her at least six times in the same house, promising a return after the last visit in December 2018.

"She was just stubborn against my appeal to relocate her from that lonely place," said her son, Mr. Asawan Luka.

For over six years now, such crimes have maintained a steady growth in the Central Nigerian town especially the New Layout area.

Residents however hardly report the crimes, making it hard to solve, securities say.

The fear of the residents in reporting them however is that they might be singled out for more attacks by the suspects, a community leader, Mr. Monday Damladi said.

"It's not like people have not reported before but we have instances of people reporting and getting atracked and sometimes killed by the suspects who appear to always have their ways out of police custody when arrested," Mr. Danladi said.

The repeated attacks which are mostly in the form of robbery and harassments through by herdsmen who graze indiscriminately into homes are however a concern to local authorities.

Chairman of Bokkos Local Government Area, Mr. Yusuf Machen said measures were being taken to check the growing crimes.