Police have launched a search for a 17yr herder who disappeared after inflicting knife wounds on a 22yr old lady in an attempt to rape her.

Mr. Ibrahim Abdulrahaman allegedly accosted Miss Salome Mallan on Thursday afternoon at a remote river in Bokkos, 70kms south of Jos the Plateau State capital demanding sex.

He reportedly grabbed the victim, strangled and tried to force his way into her when she grabbed his manhood in resistance.

"I was walking to a mining site at Chirang village from Mangor Angwan Tsarki village when I ran into him shepherding his cattle.

"Seeing that no one was close by, he asked me to lie down for him to sleep with me.

"I asked if my body was his to make such demands but before I could escape, he rushed me and pushed me to the ground," said the victim.

Rescued by passersby

Threatened by her loud resistance, Mr. Abdulrahaman pulled a knife and began to stab her in different locations, she said.

"He stabbed me in the hands and grabbed my throat to slash it when I screamed even harder," Miss Mallan narrated.

The young Professional Tailor was rescued by a group of passersby who found her helpless in the pool of her blood and rushed her to the hospital, it was gathered.

The suspect had however disappeared into the bushes by then, leaving his herd of cattle behind, it was learnt.

His identity was revealed when the rescuers herded the cattle to a military base in Mangor village, 10kms West of the Plateau State University Bokkos.

"When I learnt of the incident and went to see the cattle, the father of the boy came to the military base and was identified to be the owner of the cattle," father of the victim, Mr. Iliya Mallan said.

"My son's actions were shocking"

The suspect's father, Mr. Abdulrahaman Muhammadu who could not deny being linked to the boy promised to provide him for interrogation.

"What he did was very shocking and depressing and therefore I had to cooperate with the securities to look for him," said the 63yr old.

However, despite going home and meeting the suspect, the old man could not get hold of him before he escaped again, he said.

Mr. Ibrahim's escape according to his father confirmed his involvement in the crime.

He therefore availed himself to the Police on Friday to be detained until the suspect was found, he said.

As of the time of digging into the case, the Divisional Police Officer, Bokkos where the case was being heard had not reported to work.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Plateau State, Mr. Tyopev Terna was unaware of the case and therefore needed time to enquire from the DPO before commenting.

The girl's parents were however at the station waiting for the DPO to have the matter thrashed.

"What we want is justice and we have to stay here and make sure that is done," the victim's father, Mr. Mallan stated.

This is not the first time a similar crime is happening in Mangor and Bokkos as a whole.

While Mr. Mallan alleges that there have been several related cases involving herders from the same hamlet of the latest suspect, two similar cases were reported by this medium in May and July last year.

The suspects were never arrested to tried, it was learned.

Miss Salome's family have however sworn to pursue a court case against the man who attempted "murdering" their daughter to serve as deterrent to others.

Her fiancé, Mr. Jerry Emmanuel who was visibly broken by the incident was however more grateful to God for sparing his fiancée's life during the attack.

The two were billed to wed this April but had to shift it to November to allow other family programmes take place.
Miss Salome Mallan, receiving treatment after the rape attempt