Recent media reports claiming former Plateau State Governor, Joshua Dariye is down with kidney failure are false, MKB can confirm.

Senator Dariye is truly undergoing treatment at an Abuja hospital but not for kidney disease.

When MKB visited at about 1100hrs, Friday, the Senator representing Plateau Central was actually on a wheelchair but strong and jovial.

A happy looking man who still commanded public admiration as he demonstrated his known generosity while being wheeled from one section of the hospital to the other, Dariye looked more chubby and glowing than he was before his conviction.

His eyes were a little swollen but it might be connected to the eye ailment he once reported during his trial.

Very limited time was however allowed for the chat which ended before much could be gathered from him.

This was because he was still undergoing medical examination under guards when clearance was secured.

His aides however suspect him to be suffering from restriction induced complications.

"You know he is a struggling man who cannot endure staying in one place for long.

"Being in one place with so much unsolicited security is enough to make him sick.

"This (sentence) stops him from mingling which he loves so much, exercising and accessing regular therapy," an aide said.

Dariye was once shot in the leg by a trigger-happy policeman before he became Governor in 1999.

The injury which tormented him throughout his two terms as Governor still puts him down time to time, it was learnt.

He was said to have started having difficulties walking with the affected leg since late last year.

Hospital authorities were unavailable for comments but Dariye was confirmed to have not undergone any dialysis session which is mostly required of kidney patients especially those in "critical condition" as the earlier reports described of him.