The Plateau State Governor, Simon Lalong says Saturday's Governorship rerun elections in the state would be a 'mere formality'.

This according to a statement, Wednesday from his Information Commissioner, Yakubu Dati is because the main elections of last two weeks reflected the wishes of the electorates.

The APC incumbent led his closest opposition rival, Jeremiah Useni of the PDP by over 40,000 votes according to the results announced.

The polls were however declared inconclusive owing to the number of canceled votes which superseded the vote difference between the two leading parties.

The PDP candidate, Jeremiah Useni yesterday told journalists that he was sure of victory in the rerun elections scheduled for Saturday this week.

His APC counterpart, Lalong, however, regards the claims as 'self –delusion'.

The Statement by the State Information Commissioner said, "No doubt the PDP tried by scoring a handful of votes in the elections by a margin thought to be impossible considering the manner it mismanaged the state in the past years, but to claim that it can defeat and APC administration that has cleared the mess it visited on the people of Plateau State is the worst form of self –delusion."

The PDP candidate had also alleged that the main elections were characterized by irregularities and widespread voter inducement and intimidation.

The State Governor, however, believes that Mr. Useni "has been misled into throwing tantrums over the election by lending his voice to the attempt to fault the March 9, 2019 elections rather than act as an elder statesman and concede victory to the winning party."

In Useni's words, "The results released by INEC showed that PDP maintained very good scores across all the LGAs.

"This is in spite of the widespread thumbprinting, vote-buying and outright intimidation by some Security men who had absolutely no business with the election;

"In one instance, I personally went out to Tudun Wada Collation Center and freed voters who were made to lie down on the ground by some Security men;

"Civil servants and our traditional rulers were threatened to either deliver to APC or lose their jobs or be dethroned;

 "Votes were simply allocated to APC or bought with large sums of money;

 "In some places, PDP supporters were not allowed to vote, or their votes were torn to pieces;

 "Many young people were recruited as thugs without any regards to their future well-being. They even burnt up some ballot boxes!

 "The card readers were not used in many polling units while in some units they were reported even stolen

 "Results were declared without any regard to the choices of the people who voted;

But the Governor in his reply said, “The PDP is only crying wolf where there is none. Its allegations of alleged widespread thumb printing, vote-buying and

"Intimidation by some security men are things that are alien to the APC and an attempt to cover for its failures.

"One of the laughable claims of the PDP is that Lalong intimated civil servants and traditional rulers. This is ridiculous because Governor Lalong does not need to threaten civil servants and traditional rulers to vote for him because he has been the only governor who has been consistent in the payment of workers’ salaries in the state and has seen to the improvement of the welfare of traditional rulers with the creation of chiefdoms and upgrading traditional stools.

"His all-inclusive governance of emancipation won him, several ardent followers.

"On the allegation of vote buying, let me stress that Governor Lalong since his foray into politics after a successful legal career has never lost an election hence cannot be moved to influence voters with money. The governor, unlike the PDP days, believes that his works would speak for him and as far as many would acknowledge, that was what has earned his second term as governor. The PDP should not reduce everybody to their level of politicking where money holds sway.

“The claim that some PDP supporters were not allowed to vote cannot be true as all with PVCs were duly accredited and allowed to vote."

The PDP Candidate has however threatened legal actions against the APC and INEC over the polls.