By Nandom Kura

As Nigerians head to the polls tomorrow to elect governors and state assembly members in the 36 states of the federation, a Europe based business magnet and humanitarian has urged Plateau people to vote wisely and put an end to the mediocre administration of Lalong in the state. 

In a press statement signed by the founder YILLAH foundation, and made available to newsmen in Jos, the humanitarian lamented the lack of infrastructural development in the state under the Lalong administration and called on voters in the state to come out in droves to exercise their franchise, by electing a governor who has the interest of the state at heart, not a globetrotter who left his state in despair and despondency. 

While regretting that the seemingly younger governors the state has produced have betrayed the youths with their lacklustre performance, Mr. Yillah maintained that the older governors have proven to be more developmentally minded, hence the need to vote Sen. JT Useni to replace the non-performing Lalong when Plateau people go to the polls tomorrow. 

While applauding the quality leadership traits imbued in Mr. Dachung Musa Bagos, the representative-elect for Jos South/ Jos East Federal Constituency, Yillah expresses optimism in the future of Plateau youths with the likes of Bagos being elected to leadership positions. 

He urged the youths of Plateau State to gird their loins and defend their votes against rigging, as the governor has displayed desperation to retain his seat against all odds. 

Against the backdrop of the broad daylight robbery of the mandate of Plateau people at the October 10, 2018 local government polls by the APC administration in Plateau State, Yillah is optimistic that Plateau electorate will take their pound of flesh against Governor Lalong tomorrow. 

"Having squandered the goodwill of Plateau people, tomorrow's election has provided the opportunity for Plateau people to express their grievances against the governor, and to jealously guard their votes against rigging to ensure that their votes count", he said. 

While calling on Plateau voters to shun violent disposition and behave themselves in a decorous manner during and after the polls, he expressed confidence that the PDP candidate will emerge victorious at the polls tomorrow.