Two Plateau Social Media Award Officials have been relieved of their duties following their nominations for the same awards.

Organizers had warned that officials of the Plateau Social Media Award were not qualified to vote or be voted for.

The exclusion of officials was to ensure credibility of the program, Head of the Organizing team, Mr. Alfred Makut said in a statement.

Mr. Matthew Tega, publisher matthewtega's blog and Sunny (surname unknown) publisher hashtagtv were however nominated for best blog and best online TV respectively.

Officials instantly delisted them from the organizing committee list on Sunday after publishing the nominations.

The two were publicity advisors to the team.

Left in the committee therefore are: 

1. Makut Alfred Mashat (Munataray Munashak) - CONVENER

2. Sen Dogo Nanzing (Branding,Comnunications)

3. Chamdang Bako (Chamzy)(Social Media,Advertising)

4. Dung J.Hwere (Marketing /Public Relations)

5. Zakiyyah Usman Zumunta(Venue, Decorations, Media)

6. Nanlop Williams( Welfare,Decorations)

7. Tok Morgan (blunt) (Event programming)

8. Masara Kim Usman (Media & Publicity)

9. Nanichang Telent Katzing (software developer)

10. Tsafa Daniel (Video Production/lighting, stage)

11. Dennis wapshik (Secretariat, logistics and Media)

12. Lawuna Yilwada (camera operations/editing)