Damaged building of the COCIN Health centre in Maiduguri after Boko Haram attack

Boko Haram suicide bombers, last week detonated explosives at the Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) hospital in Molar, Maiduguri, Northeastern Nigeria, wounding a staff on duty.

Officials say the attack on 1st May 2019 destroyed part of the hospital building and other properties within the premises.

Patients who had undergone eye surgery and were receiving care in the hospital were covered in rubble but none was injured, a staff of the COCIN Health Department, Mr. Chungyang Bagins said.

There were three explosions but only two bodies of the suicide bombers were picked at the scene of the attack, he said in a social media broadcast.

Expended head of one of the suicide bombers


The military Task Force in Borno State according to him have condoned off the scene but no arrest has been confirmed.

This is one of numerous attacks on COCIN facilities in the Northeast.

The Church equally suffered a deadly suicide bomb attack in February 2012 at its headquarters in Jos, Plateau State when Boko Haram launched its first Church attack in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, scores of residents were seen fleeing their homes in Molai village, outskirts of Maiduguri as Boko Haram insurgents marched launched an attack, Monday evening.

Tribune reports that the insurgents who stormed Molai community, at about 6pm shooting sporadically and also firing rocket propelled lunchers at random could not go beyond the community before they were stopped.

Some of the residentsleft their homes and spent all the evening trekking towards the town hoping that succour will come to molai and their homes will not be burnt down, Tribune says.

A damaged window at the hospital