Experts hired to pull down damaged sectors of the burnt down Jos Main Market for reconstruction have arrived site.

Equipment and personnel of the hired wreckers from South Africa arrived the market site at 7am, local time, Saturday.

An official alert says 8:00am is designated for the sealing of the main gate of the market.

8:30am is for the placement of barriers in strategic locations to prevent entry into the market area.

9:00am is the final entrance to viewing area while warning siren goes on by 9:30am, to be followed by a radio confirmation.

There will be a repeat of the siren and radio confirmation at 9:45am, 9:55am and 9:59am before a 60sec countdown to the explosion which will be by 10:00am.

10:05am, explosives will be checked followed by radio confirmations.

All barriers will be removed by 10:30am after site is confirmed clear for entry by 10:15am.

Civilians are advised to stay off the location of the popularly known "Terminus" market.