A statement of defence and motion seeking to strike out a case of defamation against Masara Kim's Blog by Prof. Dimis Mailafiya, the Director General, Jeremiah Useni Gubernatorial Campaign has been filed.

Barr. Nanle Komak of Komak Law Company, Jos entered the document for the news blog, Thursday in followup to the memorandum of appearance filed in January 2019.

The Plateau High Court, Jos entertaining the case had issued eight and 30 days for the memo of appearance and statement of defense respectively to be entered.

The court is expected to issue notice of hearing to both the complainant and defendant any moment.

picture source: https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-zGgHpKMPRiQ/UjqEFtQpAII/AAAAAAAABWY/RV7U7yAIGHc/s1600/court.jpg

Mr. Mailafiya had gone to court seeking N50,000,000 damages for alleged defamation of character following a news report by MKB linked him to a corruption case in October 2018.

He had issued a notice of intention to go to court in November 2018 through M.Y Saleh (SAN) & Co law firm.

At the expiration of the grace period within which MKB was expected to publish a retraction on the alleged defamatory news story, the Professor of Economics from the University of Jos served a writ of summons in January 2019.

MKB is however contending the news report in question is not assertive and was published with no ill-will after offering a chance for defence which was not exploited by the complainant.