Gunmen believed to be robbers, Friday opened fire at wedding guests in Central Nigeria's Danbukuru village, 15km northwest of Plateau State University, Bokkos injuring one bride's maid.

The gunmen on their way out of Danbukuru, reportedly opened fire at a group of vigilante men in NTV village near Barkin Ladi town, killing at least one.

Locals say the gunmen first stormed a Church in Danbukuru village demanding proceeds from a special offering collected last Sunday.

Maids to a bride waiting to be wedded today were camping in the Pastor's house when the gunmen attacked, shooting one in the leg, the sources say.

Others according to the sources were brutalized as the gunmen fired several shots before moving to the next village where they killed the farmer.

Gun attacks have been on the increase in the Nigerian tin producing Plateau State since local authorities announced plans to relocate last year's herdsmen attack victims from internally displaced persons' camps back to their homes.

Bokkos Local Government Area, a leading Irish potato producing community has seen more of such attacks lately in form of robberies.

The Nigerian constitution stipulates death penalties, life imprisonment and other severe punishments for persons found guilty of trespass, assault, deliberate infliction of grievous hurt, malicious damage to property and murder.

However, enforcement of these laws has been weak in the African leading economy since its return to steady democracy in 1999.