You endanger your kids speaking English at home – Plateau Chief

Saf Butura, Engr. John Gabriel Mallo

JOS, PLATEAU STATE: A Central Nigerian village Chief, John Mallo says African parents not speaking their dialects at home risk their children’s future.

Children who cannot speak their native dialects, Mallo said are at risk of identity crisis.

The Village Head of Butura, a Central Plateau community in Bokkos Local Government told a local women group that civilization was no reason to speak lingua-franca at home.

“You’re not doing your kids any good if you speak English or Hausa to them.

“Speak your dialect to them at home, they will learn English in school,” he said quoting a Western scholar.

In 25 years, the Ron language of the Butura tribe will be extinct, Mallo feared.

To prevent this, the community leader announced plans to establish a language academy.

“If it means having strategic classes for women who don’t speak Ron, we will do it.

“Perhaps in time we will consider a Butura or Ron Academy,” he said.

Already, a blueprint for cultural revival tagged the “Butura roadmap” is being developed to “tell the Butura man who he is,” said the Saf Butura.

“What we are doing is not for ourselves but our unborn generations,” he declared.

Gov. Lalong: My late Uncle enrolled me in school with his name, Sule

Gov. Simon Lalong

Governor Simon Lalong of Plateau State says his Primary school certificate carries the controversial surename “Sule” because his Uncle, Mr. Stephen Sule (late) enrolled him.

The Uncle, Lalong said, weekend had temporarily adopted him on his father’s request.

The Government said, “When my uncle asked my father to release me to him, my father told him “he has become your son, take him with you.”

“Because of the kind of tradition of love and oneness that exists in our culture, all of us under him bore his name Sule because he registered us in school.”

Lalong said he applied to change the name after Primary school as directed by the Uncle, but wondered why his political opponents still challenge him in court over it.

The Southern Plateau Goemai native at the Sacred Heart Cathedral Shendam during the memorial service of the late Uncle asked citizens of the state to shun sentiments and build the State.

Ex Business Executive offers free monthly wealth creation training in Jos

Former Nigerian Coca-cola company’s regional Manager, Funmi Adefeko, Sunday said unemployment in the African largest economy is growing at a disturbing rate.

30 million Nigerian youths are currently unemployed, Adefeko told Journalists in Jos, Plateau State, worrying the figure might soon double.

“We are still chunning out a whole lot of youths (from tertiary institutions).

“A lot of employees in corporate environments are still retiring, increasing dependency,” she said.

Paid jobs, the John Maxwell certified Coach said are in short supply, hence the need for entrepreneurship.

Her private organization, New Identity is offering free business training to interested Nigerians monthly, said Mrs. Adefeko.

She said, “Our organization is giving back to society by giving training to help people create opportunities for themselves and stop looking for work that does not exist.”

A beneficiary of the training, Mr. Kanu Eliaza blamed shortage of business skills as the main cause of poverty in Nigeria.

“The problem of Nigeria isn’t the poverty of resources but the poverty of knowledge,” he said.

Eliaza vowed to extend the training to others in supporting President Muhammadu Buhari’s quest to lift 100 million Nigerians out of poverty.

The training, another beneficiary, Dorcas Bentu said was ‘rich’ to be stepped down.

The seminar holding last day of every month in the Plateau State capital is organized by New Identity as Corporate Social Responsibility, it was learnt.

Free business seminar holds Sunday in Jos

A Nigerian nongovernmental organization, New Identity will hold free business workshop in Jos, Sunday.

The seminar holding at Kayrocks hotel by 4pm aims to equip up and coming entrepreneurs with the skills to run successful businesses, founder of the NGO, Mrs. Funmi Adefeko said in a video broadcast.

Mrs. Adefeko worked with the Coca-Cola company for about 30 years,rising to the rank of General Manager in the Jos, Maidugiri and Portharcourt plants.

The Harvard Business school graduate won several awards as best General Manager while in service.

She served as part of the 2013 President Advisory Committee of The John Maxwell Team.

The renowned business enthusiast founded New Identity after withdrawing from service as a nonprofit organization to help individuals build thriving businesses.

The seminar from official records holds once a month in different cities exclusively at her own cost.

“It is her way of giving back to society,” an Official source told MK.

Jos Trade Fair: A meeting place for farmers and herders

Buying and selling at 2019 Jos Trade Fair

MK REPORTERS: Central Nigeria's Jos, the capital of Plateau State came alive with electrifying business and social activities as the 2019 Jos Trade Fair opened on October 10.

The 17-day exhibitions at the Jos Polo Field, 5kms northwest of the Jos Terminus market saw the influx of local and foreign manufacturers and distributors. This offered an opportunity for different categories of consumers to discover new or improved products, interact with producers and enjoy low prices.

This is a huge relief for residents, who mostly travel out to enjoy such benefits, or get them at exorbitant prices from retailers. Plateau is one of Nigeria's lowest business and manufacturing States. Since the fire disaster that destroyed the famous Jos Main Market and the later collapse of the State owned Jos International Breweries, the State has been widely defined as "civil service" oriented.

The ethno-religious conflicts that claimed hundreds of lives in 2001 have worsened situations. The "Christian versus Muslim" violence, though long curtailed left in its trail, segregated settlements and fractured relationships, sometimes sparking bloody clashes at the slightest provocation.

The deadliest of this phenomenon is the near frequent clashes between farmers and herders, which have claimed several lives, displacing entire communities in different parts of the State and widening the gap for intercommunication.

However, crop farmers and animal herders, both have needs, which directly or indirectly require the goods or services they each produce to satisfy. The farmer for instance must exchange some of his crops for diary products or money to meet other needs. The herder likewise must at a point exchange his animals for staples or money.

In this case, exchange must take place. But how does this happen if they only rate each other from afar? Glad enough, the marketplace is the playing field of ideas, goods and services, and not sentiments. Thus, the Jos Trade Fair was a good way to shorten the distance between them for mutual understanding.

The venue of the Jos Trade Fair sits right at the heart of the city, where roads to the predominantly Muslim Hausa/Fulani north and the predominantly Christian south of the city meet. There you also find motor parks and roads to other States.

Being a neutral ground therefore, the Fair brought together buyers and sellers, window shoppers, games and entertainment enthusiasts from different parts of the State and beyond, farmers and herders included.

One fascinating feature of these event is that not only did the buyers interact with the sellers, but also with their fellow customers. For instance, a herder went into an Irish potato booth and did not know which variety was the best to buy until he asked another buyer, obviously an experienced farmer.

In another scenario, both herders and a group of crop exhibitors sat on a table of a local yogurt vendor, obviously the wife of a herder, drinking the diary product and happily conversing about the politics of Nigeria. One would have thought that since these two hardly cohabit, they would never engage each other in any business or social interaction. But alas, money has no tribe, no religion. And the place where such is exchanged is always a place for mutually beneficial relationships.

What this perhaps implies is that the more communities engage in business interactions, the likelier they would identify their common values, thus forgetting their differences. Perhaps, bitterness only exists where barriers to communication exist. Like stereotypes and prejudices, people easily judge when they don't get close enough to discover the good about others.

Thus, trade fairs should not just be organized "as a forum for dialogue and exchange of ideas between producers and consumers of goods and services" as the Plateau State Governor, Simon Lalong said at the event opening. They should be encouraged as an avenue for renewed social interactions for peace and development.

Government could also create more of such opportunities by resuscitating ailing businesses and markets, and establishing new ones to reposition the State as the "Home of Peace and Tourism" that it is widely regarded.

Plateau: New Barkin Ladi LG boss to tour attacked villages for IDPs return

Mr. Ezekiel Mandyau, Barkin Ladi LG Chairman

Central Nigeria’s Barkin Ladi Local Government authorities are planning a tour of villages attacked by suspected herdsmen last year.

The tour fixed for 5th and 6th November, 2019, Mr. Ezekiel Mandyau, the Chairman of the northern Plateau Local Government said is meant to create opportunities for dialogue between the local farming communities and the alleged attacking herdsmen.

“We cannot stay in Barkin Ladi town (the LG headquarters) and be talking about peace.

“We have to go down to the villages and meet the people directly affected to know their plights and what we must do to rebuild peace,” Mandyau told journalists in Jos, Thursday.

It is the first step towards the full home return of internally displaced persons, the newly appointed LG boss said.

He said, “The Governor of Plateau State, Simon Lalong has set December as the deadline for the return of IDPs and we are going to be tireless in pursuing this.

“We are starting with Gashish and Ropp districts that were worst hit by the attacks.

“After the tour, we will get back to the governor to know the next step.

“We want our people to spend Christmas at home.”

At least 30,000 people were last year displaced from over 10 villages in the local government, during armed attacks that lasted several days.

Officials place the death toll from the attacks at 200, but aid organizations say the figure could be higher.

The State government last year December started relocating IDPs from camps back to their homes.

No less than 200 IDPs were accompanied with food items, beddings and other household essentials to three communities thought to have been less hit by the attacks.

Several meetings have been organized by government and nongovernmental organizations to identify and resolve the contending issues for peace to return.

The attacks which hitherto occurred on weekly basis despite security reinforcements have been reduced to few isolated cases which only occur once in a while.

With this, the LG authorities believe investors can take advantage of its vast agricultural potentials for business.

Mr. Mandyau, a human rights lawyer appointed by Governor Simon Lalong as caretaker of the Local Government said, “We farm potatoes, beans, rice, maize, millet, guinea corn, hungry rice, pineapple, cucumber, water melon, pumpkin, different spices and vegetables.

“We are very rich even in mineral resources like tin and columbite, rich in culture and also in land human resources.

“Our people are very hospitable and anyone coming to do business with us has an assurance of the best results, especially with the renewed commitment of government to peace and security.”

Herdsmen to sue Oyo over new anti-grazing bill

Locals sharing drinking well with animals in Northeast Borno - MK representative image

ThisDay: The Oyo State Open Rearing and Grazing Regulation Bill 2019, which has already passed the second reading at the state House of Assembly, may run into a hitch as Fulani herdsmen in the state have resolved to approach the court to stop it.

The bill, which was jointly sponsored by the Speaker of the Assembly, Hon. Adebo Ogundoyin, and the Deputy Speaker, Hon. Abiodun Fadeyi, had two weeks ago witnessed a public hearing where stakeholders including farmers, groups and the Fulani community bared their minds on how to make it workable.

The National Chairman of Gan Allah Fulani Development Association of Nigeria, Alhaji Sale Bayari, in an 18-page position paper presented at the forum, said: “It is impossible in our country for any peasant small scale herdsman to go into ranching” and submitted that the bill if passed into law would punish poor herders.

However, the Fulani herdsmen, at a meeting held in Igangan, an agrarian community in Ibarapa North Local Government Area of the state, Wednesday, and presided over by the Sarkin Fulani of Oyo State, Alhaji Saliu Abduk-Kadir, described the Oyo State Anti-Open Grazing Bill as “too draconian” and targeted at crippling them from practising their age-long cattle rearing activities across the state.

“We will go to court. We will seek legal redress if Oyo State Government insists on imposing this Bill on us,” the Fulani herdsmen unanimously resolved at the end of the meeting which lasted over five hours at the popular Kara Market in Igangan.

The state Secretary of Gan Allah Fulani Development Association, Mr. Garba Umar, while reading the communique of the meeting to journalists, said the Fulani herdsmen had resorted to rejecting the bill in its totality because they perceived it as one that would cause serious setback to their means of livelihood.

For the Anti-Open Grazing Bill to be implementable, the Fulani herdsmen appealed to the state government to provide RUGA or grazing reserve for cattle rearers where there would be easy accessibility to water and grazing facilities.

Failure to do this, the Fulani herdsmen maintained, “the implementation of the Bill as it is will cause commotion”.

Kidney transplant now available in Niger

kidney transplant - CBS news

From Mathew Jwantu, Minna

Central Nigerian Ibrahim Babangida Specialist Hospital, Minna will soon start kidney transplant, officials say.

The Niger State hospital already has all the equipment and manpower needed for the start of the transplants, Permanent Secretary of the State Ministry of health and Hospital management, Dr. Makun Sidi told journalists, Tuesday in Minna, the State capital.

The State's current funding for health, according to Sidi is 11% of its annual budget, up from 7% in previous years.

"As you can see, we are moving close to the 15% (African Union benchmark) we are demanding," he said

The upscale of the funding, the PS said is to cut foreign trips for medical care.

Plateau LG caretaker appointments, a nullity under the constitution – Sen. Gyang

Nigerian Senator Istifanus Gyang

JOS NIGERIA: Nigerian Senator Istifanus Gyang has said that the recent appointment of APC Chairmanship candidates as caretakers of four Northern Plateau Northern Local Governments is a violation of the constitution, and a “notoriety” in sabotaging democracy.

The State Governor, Simon Lalong according to Senator Gyang has “wrecked havoc” on the constitution he swore to uphold by “unilaterally and unconstitutionally” pronouncing candidates of the ruling APC as “overlords” on B/Ladi, Jos North, Jos South and Riyom LGAs.

“Against clear provisions of the constitution in Section 14(1) which provides that, “the Federal Republic of Nigeria shall be based on the principles of democracy and social justice” and Section 7(1) which provides that, “the system of local government by democratically elected local government Councils is under this constitution guaranteed”, Governor Lalong has chosen to persist in violating the constitution and by so doing attaining notoriety in sabotaging democracy,” Gyang said in a press statement through his media aide, Musa Ashoms.

In a democratic setting, the Senator said “there is no objection as to who becomes what irrespective of their religious or ethnic background provided it is in consonance with democratic tenets and practice, the rule of law and constitutionality.”

“Legitimacy under our constitution can never be conferred by fiat. It can only be acquired through the free exercise of citizens franchise.”

Governor Lalong’s action therefore, Gyang said amounts to imposition of illegitimacy and illegality on the 4 LGs.

This he stressed has no justification and is therefore a nullity in keeping with Section 1(3) of the constitution which holds that any law or action arising therefrom that is inconsistent with the provisions of the constitution shall to the extent of the inconsistency be void.

The Senator demanded that the State electoral body should be allowed to ‘immediately’ conduct elections.

“Thereafter, whichever party’s candidates ‘wins’ shall have the constitutional and moral backing to assume office in keeping with democratic tenets and practices prescribed and enshrined in the constitution,” Gyang stated.

Population Growth: Nigeria risks hyper economic crisis - Plateau Village Chief

Engr. John G. Mallo

Nigerians giving birth to increase political power might be risking their children’s economic future, an international businessman, Dr. John Mallo has said.

Increasing population without economic opportunities, Mallo says create unhealthy competition.

“In the past, people produced children to increase their voting power, but forgot to increase their capital base, thus creating a community of liabilities, he said, Sunday in Jos the capital of Plateau State.

Not having children one can cater for, Mallo said increases the potential for crime.

The Chairman, Bejafta Group and Village Head of Butura, in Plateau’s Bokkos Local Government Area, at a gathering of Butura Women Association, called for development consciousness against political concerns.

“Nigerians seeking to grow must rid all forms of bitterness and unhealthy rivalry, and think strategic development, not population increase,” he stressed.

Police Academy starts final admission screening next week

The Nigeria Police Academy, Wudil, Kano will start final admission screening for its 7th regular course next Wednesday.

An official release by the Plateau State Police Spokesman, Tyopev Terna, Friday invites successful candidates who passed the selection examination held on Saturday, 24th August, 2019 to avail for the “interview”.

The release says, “They are to appear for interview before the Selection Board at the Police Academy Wudil, Kano as follows:-

1. North East and North West Zones (Thursday 24th – Wednesday 30th October, 2019)

2. North Central and South West Zones (Thursday 31st October – Wednesday 6th November, 2019)

3. South East and South South Zones (Thursday 7th – Wednesday 13th November, 2019).”

It adds that the candidates should carry along the following:-

i. Original credentials with fifteen (15) photocopies of each.

ii. Fifteen (15) passport photographs.

iii. Certificate of indigeneship to be authenticated by the state representatives.

iv. White canvas, vest, shorts and socks.

Accommodation and feeding will be provided in the Academy for the candidates during the exercise, the statement says.

Successful candidates according to it will be notified individually via short message service (sms).

Govt. spends N215m monthly feeding 220,865 kids in Plateau

Dr. Sumayya Hamza, Social Investment Official, Plateau State

Nigerian Officials say they spend about $600,000USD (N215, 564,240) on school children's feeding in Plateau State.

3304 hired cooks provide 'nourished' meals each month to 220,865 kids in public schools across the State, an Official of the state-funded Social Investment Program, Dr. Sumayya Hamza told journalists, Tuesday.

The National Home Grown School Feeding component of the SIP, Hamza said is carried out through a "Multi-sectoral Approach".

This, the Special Adviser to Governor Simon Lalong of Plateau State on Social Investment and the programme's State Focal Person said has reduced the number of out-of-school children in the State.

"We are still collating the data but so far, our records have shown a great improvement in the number of children going to school," she said.

Jos: Honda, Toyota cars at higher risk of theft – Police

Police inspect vehicles for tinted permits in Plateau State - file photo

JOS NIGERIA: Police in Central Nigeria say the types of vehicles mostly stolen in cities are Toyota and Honda.

The locks and keys to these products are easily manipulated by criminals, Plateau State Police spokesman, Mr. Tyopev Terna said, Wednesday.

Additionally, the demand for these vehicles in the consumer market is high, Terna said in a press statement.

“This is not to say that other vehicles are not target of the thieves,” the Police Public Relations Officer said.

Citizens, according to the Deputy Superintendent of Police must secure their cars using pedal or steering locks, fuel cut system and tracking devices.

Owners of event centres, amusement parks and eateries among others are also advised to apply for Police guards during events, Terna said.

Despite attacks, Plateau communities insist on peace

Sympathizers at funeral of attack victims in Plateau State

JOS NIGERIA: Communities in Plateau State may have had enough resolving conflicts with violence.

For over 18 years, the State has witnessed violent hostilities between Christian and Muslim groups, often with severe facilities.

The conflicts which hitherto occurred within Jos, the capital of the State spread to local communities in 2010, beginning with the reported killing of 500 women and children in Dogo Nahawa village, located Southeast of Jos.

Thousands of villagers have so far been killed with at least 130,000 people displaced from over 50 communities, officials say.

At least 14 people including four Policemen have been killed within the past two weeks.

Four of these were killed in the Irigwe dominated Bassa Local Government Area.

Despite this however, Mr. Sunday Abdu, the President of the Irigwe Development Association says violence is not a solution.

A Christian usually should be for peace. The Bible says blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God. I want to be a son of God not by mere confession but by conduct,” Abdu told MK.

According to him, the hostilities may have defied all efforts to build peace but “There is no stop to this search for peace.”

The path to peace is tedious and rough and wicked, yet, if you persist and insist you will succeed.

My subjects are dying everyday and if they all die who will i lead? So i need peace to keep these people alive,” said the community leader.

Last year January and March, similar attacks in Daffo, Bokkos LGA led to the death of over 40 people and the sacking of over 7000 people from 11 villages.

However, the community has long adopted multi-stakeholder partnership to restore peace.

District Head of Daffo, Saf Dauda Mandong told MKnews that several committees have been set up involving Ron and Fulani natives to prevent recurrence of the classes.

We set up the hate speech committee, dialogue and other committees and have seen a drastic drop in the attacks,” the community leader told MKB.

Last week Tuesday, an attack on a Police patrol team in the community occurred during a peace and security meeting at the traditional ruler’s palace with Fulani leaders in attendance.

The attack which led to the death of two Policemen has not however affected the resolve of the villagers to work together for peace, Mandong said.

“We will continue until we find an end to this evil,” he said.

His Fulani counterpart in the community, Mr. Shagari Abdullahi said most of their youths have been enrolled in school to enlighten them against violence and other crimes.

“The few cases of attacks we still hear about at mere efforts of criminals who are bent on destroying the State,” he said in a telephone interview.

The day we will all come together and sincerely work for peace, and say these criminals must be exposed, we will all be surprised because these criminals are all among us and in every tribe and religion”, said Mr. Nura Mohammed, the Chairman of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, Plateau State branch.

Criminals leveraging on the insecurity in the state for personal gains can however not be uprooted except through “joint vigilance,” Ms. Patience Chaimang, Search for Common Ground’s Plateau and Nasarawa State Coordinator told MK.

The fact that people are making commitment to peace does not mean that they should be relaxed.

They have to at the same time strengthen mechanisms for the protection of their communities. Protecting their communities means that they must set up a joint vigilante to secure their borders and the neighborhoods to know who comes into a community, when, from where and why,” Chaimang said.

Niger bandits resurface after peace deal with Government

Villagers share water sources with animals in Nigeria's Northeast: representative photo

From Mathew Jwantu, Minna

Barely three weeks after Niger state Government entered into a peace deal with armed bandits in the state, fresh attacks linked to banditry has been reported in the State’s Shiroro Local Government Area.

The simultaneous attacks in Gyaramiya, Bataron Jatau and Bataron Waziri communities at about 10am, Wednesday sacked 1200 residents, it was learnt.

Though no life was lost, the bands looted food crops and other valuables, local sources say.

The Police Public Relations Officer of the State, DSP Abubakar Dan-Inna when contacted said he was yet to receive official reports on the attacks.

However, the District Head of Alawa, Ibrahim Salihu in a telephone interview confirmed the incident.

“At the moment, over 1,200 displaced people from the three communities are in Alawa village looking for shelter and food,” he said.

Governor Sani Bello of the State was recently quoted as saying the bandits had surrendered their weapons, as part of the ceasefire deal.

This was after simultaneous attacks in seven communities claimed two women and a child, displacing over five thousand persons.

The resurged attacks are therefore generating concerns in the State.

Senator Gyang: Plateau poorly represented in 2020 budget

Senator Iftifanus Gyang

JOS NIGERIA: The Senator representing Plateau North in the Nigerian National Assembly, Istifanus Gyang has said that Plateau State has for years been unfairly represented in successive budget proposals in the country.

The 2020 budget presented by President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday also shows less of Plateau State, Gyang told the Senate on Thursday.

“Budget making has to demonstrate fairness, equity and inclusiveness.

“It is my desire that the Senate will address this imbalance and to make provision for the Akwanga-Jos-Bauchi Road, and equally facilitate the completion of the Jos Yakubu Gowon Airport Heipang,” the Senator said.

The Senate Committee Deputy Chairman on Defense equally pleaded for the review of the allocation to defense.

“One Hundred Billion naira to me, is grossly inadequate to the combined armed forces to address the critical issues of security in this country,” Gyang said.

The ex House of Reps member insisted that the budget must address infrastructural deficits, poverty and human capital development.

He equally called the Senate to review cost of procurement to match global best practices.

NGO stirs women, girls against abuse

Jul Changing Faces during the International Day of the Girl

JOS PLATEAU STATE: A Nigerian nongovernmental organization, Jul Changing Faces says education for girls is crucial for national growth and development.

Ms. Juliana Aliyu, founder of the NGO, Friday told journalists in Jos, the capital of Plateau State that despite neglect, women and girls are rising to prove to the world that they can do as their male counterparts in driving national growth.

“When you invest in girls, you grow the world economy,” Aliyu said during a walk to mark the 2019 International Day of the Girl in Jos.

Her NGO has been fighting for the rights of children, women and people with disability for seven among others, she said.

It is particularly fighting for the educational rights of female children, Aliyu said.

“It is not okay for the child to be educated but well educated,” said the renowned activist.

To survive in today’s increasingly competitive world however, women and girls must speak out against every form of abuse, former Plateau State Commissioner for Women Affairs, Mrs. Anna Izam said.

Izam, a patron of the JCF NGO’s said only by so doing can injustices against the female gender be stopped.

15year old Miss Rahila Idris, during the walk said she was abused as a child, but was ready to get education and influence positive change.

“Government should support us with free education,” she said.


Every year on 11 October, the United Nations Children Education Fund marks the International Day of the Girl, to amplify the voices of girls and challenge them to stand up for their rights.

This year, under the theme, “GirlForce: Unscripted and unstoppable”, UNICEF celebrates achievements by, with and for girls since the adoption of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action 25 years ago.

Ex UN Official to speak at Uni-Lag Alumni Anniversary Celebration

Dr. Yumkella. Source:

LAGOS NIGERIA: The University of Lagos Alumni Association will on Thursday, October 24, 2019 host the immediate past Sierra Leonean Director-General, United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), Dr. Kandeh Yumkella to discuss Sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria.

Dr. Yumkella, a former United Nations Under-Secretary-General and the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Sustainable Energy for all will be speaking on "How Nigeria Can Achieve The Sustainable Development Goals by 2030".

The event holding at J.F Ade-Ajayi Auditorium, University of Lagos by 3pm will be preceded by series of exhibitions by "notable names in Nollywood, Fashion and Music," spokesperson of the Alumni Association, Mrs. Regina Ogbodo says.

Mrs. Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire, Senior Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Sustainable Development Goals will be discussing the presentation along with two others, Ogbodo said in a press statement.

The event organized as part of activities marking association's 50th anniversary holds two days before the grand finale, which features "Distinguished Alumni Awards and Dinner."

"A select few of our notable alumni who have left inedible footprints across spheres both in and outside Nigeria will be honored at the event," says the Alumni's spokesperson.

Other activities lined up for the celebration are:

1. Sunday, October 13, 2019 – Annual General Meeting at the Jelili Omotola (formerly known as Multipurpose) Hall C. Time 2.30pm.

2. Friday, October 18, 2019 – Jumat Service at the University of Lagos mosque. Time: 2:00pm

3. Sunday, October 20, 2019 – Thanksgiving Service at the Chapel of Christ the Light, University of Lagos. Time 10:00am

5. Friday, October 25, 2019 – Campus Tour and honour of "few friends of the association" at the Lagos Continental Hotel, 52a Kofo Abayomi Street Victoria Island, Lagos.

The Vice President of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo is expected at the event.

Gbong Gwom Jos, a bridge builder at 68, says Sen. ID Gyang

Gbong Gwom Jos, Jacob Buba and Sen. Istifanus Gyang

CENTRAL NIGERIA: The Senator representing Plateau North in the National Assembly, Senator Istifanus Gyang has described the Gbong Gwom Jos and Chairman, Plateau State Traditional Council, Da Dr. Jacob Gyang Buba as a “Bridge builder, National icon, Royal Father, cultural custodian, and trailblazer” in the sociopolitical landscape of Nigeria.

The Royal father who just turned 68 has contributed “in no small measure” in the promotion of harmonious coexistence and the development of Plateau state, Senator Gyang said.

In a statement signed by his media aide, the Senate Committee Defense Committee Deputy Chairman prayed long life and good health for the monarch to continue to play “the fatherly role of a unifier and promoter of peaceful coexistence.”

No Governor cares for Fulani like Lalong - Plateau Fulani Youths

Mr. Abdulkarim Bayero, Fulani youth leader

JOS NIGERIA: Fulani youths in Plateau State say the tribe now enjoys peace more than ever before, owing to measures and policies of the Simon Lalong led State Government.

The Governor’s establishment of a committee to resolve disputes between the tribe and other tribes during his first tenure in 2015, and the various appointments and empowerments enjoyed by the tribe make him distinguished among his equals, Mr. Abdulkarim Bayero, leader of a concerned Fulani youth group told journalists in Jos.

“We as Fulanis on the Plateau have never seen a Governor that has the Fulani ethnic group at heart like Governor Simon Lalong, since return of democracy in 1999,” Bayero said.

The Governor who was recently elected Chairman of the Nigerian Northern Governor’s Forum according to Bayero deserves to be President to impact more.

In his words, “If he had not carried everybody along, he would not have been considered for the NGF Chairmanship position and that is why we are saying he should not just be Vice President but President in future.”

The group therefore dismissed criticism against the Governor as baseless.

The Governor on Wednesday swore in his Party man from the Hausa/Fulani extraction as Chairman of Jos North Local Government Area.

A similar appointment in 2000 led to the Jos crisis of 2001, reports say.

Since then, no one from the ethnic group has been Chairman.

Mr. Shehu Bala, as other flagbearers of the APC in the October 2018 LG Chairmanship polls in the State – Mr. Mafeng Gwallson of Riyom LGC, Mr. Dachung Yohanna Chairman Jos South, and Barr. Ezekiel Mandyau of Barkin Ladi LGC were sworn in amid protests by the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

The Governor had failed to conduct polls in the four LGAs citing insecurity.

Lalong has repeatedly boasted of returning peace to the State but could still not carry out democratic elections to fill the positions still on the grounds of insecurity.

Senator Gyang boldly proclaims Jesus during 2020 budget presentation

Sen. ID Gyang prays for Nigeria

At the Joint Session of the National Assembly on Tuesday during which the 2020 fiscal Budget was presented by President Mohammadu Buhari, the Senate President, Sen. Lawal called on the Senator representing Plateau North Senatorial district, Senator Istifanus Gyang to close the session with a word of prayer.

Rising to his feet, Senator Gyang boldly prayed;

“In the name of Jesus, the name that is above every other name, we call on you today to say thank you. Thank you Lord for the gift of this nation, even though some people say it’s a historical accident but it came from you, You have kept this nation together.

“You have given us leaders over the years to the current generation.
We say thank you.
Lord, we thank you because you are the God that is ever faithful and never failing.

“We thank you Lord because you are God the law giver, all legislative power lies in you,; you are the king. all executive power lies in you: you are the judge, all judicial powers lies in you.

“We thank you Lord because seated in this hall are the leaders you have given Nigeria and Lord by this very important constitutional activity today, the presentation of Budget for the year 2020, Lord we have intentions of how to go about building this nation, and your word says unless the Lord builds the house, the labourers labour but in vain. We ask for your intervention to help us the leaders.

“Lord starting with our President, President Buhari to build a nation that will glorify you. We thank you Lord.

“We know the challenges of security in this nation and your word that says unless the Lord watches over a city, the watchmen watch but in vain. We ask you to help secure our nation and everyone that is capacitated and responsible for the issues of security from the President to the policemen, to the soldiers, all armed forces and to all of us the citizens, help us Lord that this nation Will not collapse in our hands.

“Father we thank you. Father we bless you. You are the God of all flesh. You are not black, you are not white; you are not red; you are light and because you are light in you there is no darkness.

“Father, we thank You because you are the God of truth, in you there is no deceit nor deception.

“Help us Lord to build a nation that everyone will have a sense of belonging, an inclusive nation.

“Lord we thank you, we bless you that by the exercise of today may we have a better Nigeria.

“By the exercise of today, arise over us as a nation and let your leadership be enthroned over this nation.

“Father we thank you.
Father we bless you.
Bless Nigeria, prosper Nigeria and help us Lord as a nation to remain one.

“Father we thank you, we give you worship, we give you praise, even as we pray in the precious name, the name that is above every other name, the name before whom every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that you are Lord; the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and our saviour, for in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.”

Court to Prof. Mailafiya: Journalists have right to report your case with Masara Kim

Masara Kim, Publisher, MK Reporters

JOS NIGERIA: A Plateau State High Court sitting in Jos, on Tuesday granted the right to report the ongoing defamation case against MK Reporters Publisher, Masara Kim.

This was against the request of the Plaintiff, Prof. Dimis Mailafiya seeking to restrain journalists from reporting the matter.

Counsel to the Plaintiff, Barr. A.A Ibrahim of M. Y. Saleh (SAN) and Co law firm had told the Court that reporting the proceeding was reheating the “defamatory report” which they were contending.

The Defense Counsel, Nanle Komak of Komak Law Company, Jos however argued that journalists have a duty to report any matter of public interest provided such an act does not contravene the provisions of the law.

“Journalists have always reported issues in the society including Court cases and this should not be an exception,” he said.

The Plaintiff’s Counsel insisted that reporting the court proceeding was not just the problem but making reference to old reports linking his client to corruption.

The presiding Judge, Justice Christene Dabup however ruled out the request, saying journalists had the right to report the case.

Dabuk maintained that providing a contextual background into the case while reporting such was a normal and acceptable practice in journalism.

The case which was mentioned for the first time at the High Court 4, Jos was adjourned from June 26, 2019.

Kim was dragged to court in January 2019, over a news report he published on his news blog, in October 2018, wherein the Sen. Jeremiah Useni campaign DG was accused of collecting a N2m bribe to back a supposedly unpopular running mate for his boss.

A statement of defence and motion seeking to strike out the case was filed in May 2019, by his Solicitors, in followup to a memorandum of appearance filed in January 2019.

He was issued a notice of intention to go to court in November 2018 by Prof. Mailafiya’s Councils, M.Y Saleh (SAN) & Co law firm.

At the expiration of the grace period within which the said defamatory news story was expected to be retracted, Kim was served a writ of summons in January 2019.

The University of Jos Professor of Economics is demanding a N50,000,000.00 relief for the offense, a retraction and an order restraining the Publisher of from publishing any further ‘defamatory’ story against him.

Kim is however contending that the news report in question is not assertive and was published with no ill-will after offering a chance for defence which was not exploited by the complainant.

The case has been scheduled for proper hearing on January 27, 2020.

Plateau: Gunmen Kill 4 Policemen, 9 Civilians in 2 Weeks

Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps - representative image

JOS, NIGERIA: At least 13 people including four Policemen have been killed in Central Nigeria’s Plateau State in two weeks, MK has learnt.

The policemen were killed on September 21, and October 8, 2019 in Barkin Ladi and Bokkos Local Government Areas respectively.

Inspector Raphael Antiye and Sgt. Kumsho Nandet were killed at a checkpoint near Kura Falls junction in Barkin Ladi while Sgt. Kyeri Asasanta and Sgt. Masoyinka Ishaya were killed in an ambush during a routine patrol in Daffo village, Bokkos LGA.

Three people including a community leader had earlier been killed on Monday, 23rd September 2019 in Hukke village of Bassa Local Government.

This was two days after the State government facilitated the signing of a peace commitment between Fulani and Irigwe communities in the locality.

Barely five days after victims of the attack were buried, another attack on September 28, 2019 near Jol village in Riyom LGA left three returning internally displaced persons dead.

On Monday October 7, 2019, three women were killed in a tomato farm in Vatt village of Foron District, in Barkin Ladi LGA.

The women identified as Mrs. Tabitha Joro Dung, Mrs. Yop Gwom Pam and Mrs. Zong Peter were reportedly shot in the evening by men with AK47 rifles, while harvesting the crops.

Four people were killed on September 3, 2019 in the same village by suspected cattle rustlers.

“The Harvest of souls is ungodly, barbaric and a sacrilege,” says Parliamentarian, Simon Mwadkon.

“It does appear simply that some people are determined to undermine all efforts to restore peace in our communities,” Mwadkon said in a press statement last week.

No arrest has been made since the 20 that were arrested after the killing of over 200 villagers in Barkin Ladi last year June.

Fulani herdsmen are however suspected to be behind most of the attacks.

Plateau Governorship Tussle: Nine lawmakers back Useni to Appeal Tribunal Judgment

Sen. Istifanus Gyang and Sen. Jeremiah Useni

JOS NIGERIA: The recent tribunal judgment affirming the election of Simon Lalong as Governor, Plateau State was a “mere setback,” not end to the case, Plateau North Senator, Istifanus Gyang said, Thursday.

The judgment which struck out the petition of the Peoples Democratic Party and its gubernatorial candidate, Jeremiah Useni will be challenged at the Appeal Court, Gyang said.

“The outcome of the tribunal to us is just the first stage and we are glad in the State and National Assembly that having conferred with the legal team, you have resolved that this mandate cannot be aborted at this stage,” the Senator told the Mr. Useni in Jos, the Capital of Plateau State.

Senator Gyang with State and Federal Lawmakers, others during solidarity visit to Sen. JT Useni
Senator Gyang with State and Federal Lawmakers, others during solidarity visit to Sen. JT Useni

Gyang who led eight other State and Federal lawmakers on a solidarity visit to the gubernatorial candidate vowed to join in fighting to recover the “stolen mandate” of the PDP.

“We want to as members of the State and National Assembly assure you Sir, that we are fully with you because this mandate is our collective mandate, this mandate is our collective effort, this mandate was freely given and we will pursue it through the judicial process, through the legal process,” Gyang said.

Useni according to the Senator has proved integrity and capacity to provide widely beneficial leadership to the State but was prevented by the tribunal after being voted in March 2019.

He said, “You have served this nation in many different capacities.

“In none of these capacities were you found wanting.

“At a point in time you were to be the Head of State of Nigeria but God has his ways.

“You have invested your time, your talent and your resources for the good of humanity.

“The philanthropy that you have exhibited over the years is something that is very exemplary.

“Your coming into the Governorship race of Plateau State after serving very glowingly was an opportunity for the glory of this state to be restored.

“And when the people of this State overwhelmingly gave you that mandate, our hope was that the Nigerian judiciary will rise to the constitutional capacity that has been endowed on them so that they will give the people of Plateau State an opportunity to have a lease, that will give Plateau State an opportunity to have the leadership that will bring about true restoration, true reconciliation and lasting peace to the state.”

The PDP Gubernatorial flag bearer, Jeremiah Useni said he was sure of victory at the higher courts.

“I am not shaken by what has happened.

“We have not been defeated. We will pass,” said the ex Senator.

Jeremiah Useni had approached the tribunal challenging the election of Mr Lalong in the March 9, 2019 governorship poll.

The Elections Petitions Tribunal in Jos on Wednesday affirmed the election of Governor Simon Lalong.

A panel of three justices led by Justice Halima Salami, held that the petitioners did not adequately prove their case.

Lalong has empowered more Fulani than any past Governor, Plateau Fulani Youths

Mr. Bayero (left), spokesman of concerned Fulani youths in Plateau State

JOS NIGERIA: Fulani youths in Plateau State say the present State Governor, Simon Lalong has provided more jobs to members of the tribe than any past Governor in the State.

The Governor has since his first term election in 2015 offered political appointments along with business skills and grants to youths from the tribe, Former National Youth leader, Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN), Mr. Abdulkarim Bayero told journalists on Friday.

“The State Government through the Plateau State Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency (PLASMEDA) purchased 30 cattle and distributed to Chairmen of Miyetti Allah in the 17 Local Governments of the State.

“Prof. Sharubutu was invited to train some selected Fulani youths from the 17 LGAs in modern cattle rearing,” Bayero said in Jos, the capital of Plateau State.

Recent allegations by the Jonde Jam Fulani Youth Association of Nigeria, that the Governor has neglecting the tribe are therefore baseless, said the ex Youth leader on behalf of concerned Fulani Youths in the State.

Niger flushes 1000 ghost workers, saves N100m

From Mathew Jwantu, Minna

The Niger state government says its ongoing staff verification exercise has exposed 1000 ghost workers, saving it over N100million.

Several other malpractices in the State’s civil service have also been uncovered, reveals Chairman of the Committee on Civil Servants Salary Management and Verification, Engr. Ibrahim Mohammed Panti.

The screening now reduces the state’s workforce to 26,000 from 27,000.

Nigerian IDPs get African TV College Scholarship

NTA TVC Rector, Barnabas Ban addresses officials

By Pam Moses

CENTRAL NIGERIA: The Nigerian Television Authority's training College has offered scholarship to six internally displaced persons from the country's northeast.

The six were among 120 recently trained in photography and cinematography by the college. 

The training was funded by the Nigerian Commission for Refugees as a rehabilitation strategy. 

The College which aims to be the first broadcast university in Africa currently prides as the only TV college in the continent.

It recently offered admission to dozens of international students.

"The College is committed to providing high quality professional and specialized education in Television Production and Journalism, in promoting standard Television services all over the world," the College Rector, Mr. Barnabas Gbam told journalists in Jos, the capital of Plateau State where the college is headquartered.