Plateau Commissioner of Information, Dan Manjang test runs decontamination chamber

Central Nigeria: Officials in Plateau State say Mr. Williams Gyang, Mr. Adebolajo Sunday and Mr. Nura Jibrin, the makers of Nigeria's first decontamination chamber could be lost to foreign countries if not locally empowered.

The trio are a huge resource for human advancement, said Mr. Dan Manjang, the State Commissioner of Information, Tuesday.

Government has created relevant networks and financing options for local innovators to actualize their dreams, he said.

Door-mount automatic facemask scanner first in Nigeria

However, private investors, banks and other financial institutions in the country should partner to promote local innovations for the greater good of the country, said Manjang.

Plateau according to the Commissioner has pioneered several innovations in Nigeria, including the country's first COVID-19 trial formulas, and should be priority destination for investors.

General Manager of Plateau State Radio and Television Corporation (PRTVC), Mr. Jephthah Jackden pledged sustained publicity for local innovations, which he said are gradually transforming the State's previously negative image of violence.

The locally designed decontamination chamber is embedded with fully automated dusk-to-dawn lighting system, 24hour wireless closed-circuit TV recorders, as well as automatic temperature test and body disinfecting system.

The door-mount automatic body scanner, checks for facemasks before allowing entry into designated buildings.

Observeea believe the machine would reduce the risk of infectious diseases in the country when launched.