Plateau Senator, ID Gyang protests exclusion of constituents from federal resettlement program

Senator ID Gyang, left with Federal Commissioner, Refugee Agency

Senator Istifanus Gyang of Plateau North has demanded the inclusion of communities in his constituency displaced by violent attacks in the on-going 500/per State Housing Units Resettlement program of the Federal Government.

Senator Gyang in a letter to the Federal Commissioner, National Commission for Refugees, Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons (NCRM&IDPs) in Abuja on Monday, protested the exclusion of Plateau State from the program, despite suffering violent attacks leading to deaths and displacements since 2001.

Gyang recommended six displaced communities for the Resettlement Housing Units including Gashish District, Ropp District, Jol Village, Bachi District, Kwall District and Miango District all in Plateau Northern Senatorial District.

Receiving Senator Gyang in his office, the Federal Commissioner NCRM&IDPs, Senator Basheer Garba Mohammed pledged to consider Plateau State for the program as requested in the letter.

He advised the Senator to liaise with the Plateau State Governor to harmonize the locations recommended for the project.

Government to deploy boats at collapsed Plateau bridge pending rebuild

Collapsed Langtang-Wase bridge

Plateau State Governor, Simon Lalong on Tuesday ordered the State Ministry of Water Resources and Energy to deploy boats at collapsed Langtang-Wase bridge, linking Taraba State.

The bridge collapsed last week after heavy rains, it was gathered.

Although Federal, the road is a “major commercial corridor,” said Lalong at the site of the collapsed bridge.

“Although this is a Federal Road, we have to immediately intervene in order to ameliorate the suffering of the people since this road is a major commercial corridor in this area. This is one of the roads that I submitted to the President for Federal Government intervention which has been approved. I will soon be in Abuja to intimate him on this development so that the bridge can be rebuilt immediately,” the Governor said.

Mr. Lalong also ordered immediate rebuild of another bridge linking Shendam and Garkawa towns also damaged by rains.

The collapsed Langtang-Wase bridge, hindering road travel has “greatly” crippled economic activities, Emir of Wase, Alhaji Muhammadu Haruna Sambo said.

Governor Lalong personally visiting the site despite sending teams earlier provides hope, said the Paramount Chief.

The Governor’s visit is “reassuring,” also notes the Chairman, Shendam Local Government Area, Mr. Alex Nuantam.

Police silent days after gunmen kill businessman in Jos

Mrs. Kayode shot in the leg

Police in Central Nigeria have yet to comment on the murder of a local businessman, Mr. Kayode Wale in Jos, the capital of Plateau State last Friday.

Gunmen believed to be kidnappers shot Mr. Wale in the stomach and his wife in the leg at about 3am, West African time in Rantya Lowcost, Jos South Local Government Area.

A young girl fleeing from an earlier attacked house ran into Mr. Wale’s house for safety, attracting the shooters, eyewitnesses say.

The attackers chasing after the girl with heavy gunfire took out Mr. Wale and his wife before abducting the fleeing girl’s aunt, an eyewitness said.

The abducted lady was the third to be kidnapped in the same house within two years, it was learnt.

But despite distress calls, Police only arrived the scene of the attack several hours later.

Inquiries also sent to the Police spokesperson, Mr. Gabriel Ogaba have yet to be replied four days later.

Rantya Lowcost has witnessed a surge in violent crimes in recent years.

The developing areas of the community are the worse hit but authorities have yet to respond to the threat.

Plateau kid battling sickle cell recreates superhero movie arts, others to relief pain

Josiah Johnson

Josiah Johnson, 14, was born with sickle cell anaemia. Right from birth, Josiah has faced serious pains, occurring almost on daily basis.

His family, though poor, has managed to provide his medical and recreational needs, but “it has never been easy,” said his mother, Esther Johnson, a petty trader in Jos, the capital of Plateau State.

Josiah spends most of his time alone. “The pains make me feel like I’m different that’s why I choose to be indoors,” he said in an inspiring documentary produced by Eddymark Filmz. His favourite recreation is film watching, he said, and most times, Marvel movies are his favourite.

Josiah Johnson speaks in documentary

Marvel, a Hollywood film franchise is reputed for producing highly fascinating superhero films. Their creative use of graphics and animations has not just given Josiah the peace he needs from his anaemic complications but inspired him to create arts that provide relief each time the crisis starts.

“Anytime the pain comes, I focus attention on making arts, mostly movie arts especially those I see in Marvel movies,” he said. “I create things I can play with in order not to feel bored and fall to the pains,” Josiah added. Whenever he does that, usually with the use of cartons and other household wastes, the pains lose their grip of him.

The pains sometimes persist, depriving him of the expected pleasure but Josiah never gives up. He dreams to have his own technology outlet, an inspiring way to live with such complications.

Plateau Gashish Attacks: Survivors meet on second anniversary

Survivors of the brutal attacks of June 23, 2018 in Gashish District of Plateau State’s Barkin Ladi Local Government Area will Sunday hold a special Church service to honor their slain kinsmen.

Over 200 people were killed in the attacks which lasted over a week.

The remembrance Church service scheduled for 8am at Church of Christ in Nations, Nghar village will be attended by the Chairman of Barkin Ladi LGA, Barr. Ezekiel Mandyau.

The Chairman will hold a meeting with critical stakeholders “To strengthen and encourage the peace being enjoyed” in the area, an official notice says.

Unborn babies smoke, drink when pregnant women do, Activist warns

Nyelong Violet Kaburuk Adama

Jos, Plateau State: A Nigerian anti-drugs activist, Mrs. Violet Adama Nyelong Kaburuk says pregnant women abusing drugs directly expose their unborn children to their effects.

“When you smoke, drink alcohol, or ingest caffeine, so does the fetus,” said Violet, Friday in a press statement.

“If you do marijuana, crystal meth or are addicted to cocaine, you are not only putting your own life on the line, but risking the life of your unborn baby. Your fetus feels the impact of these dangerous drugs,” said the Founder, Zishiya Empowerment Foundation on the 2020 international day against drugs.

Taking drugs during pregnancies, the activist said increases the chance of birth defects, premature babies, underweight babies, affects child’s memory and attentiveness, respiratory failure, seizures and heart attack among others.

Exposure to drugs in the womb, Violet warned can also lead to “significant deficits” later in children, “which can affect the child not just in school but in life.”

The launch of Zishiya Empowerment Foundation in Jos

Drug users according to her are generally at risk of “High blood pressure, mood or heart attack, stroke, psychosis, overdose and even death.”

“Lung or heart disease, mental illness, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and addiction are also associated with drug abuse. Drug use can change how certain brain circuits work, thereby interfering with how people make decisions, ability to learn and remember.

“These changes make it much difficult to stop taking the drugs even when they are having negative effects on their lives and want to quit. Drugs can also have indirect effects on both the people who are taking the drugs and on those around them,” said Violet.

World drug day according to her is a reminder for people, communities and governments to “join forces in fighting this monster (drug), a silent killer and a pandemic that has been in existence for long, robbing our society, killing our children.”

Drug abuse worldwide she said is increasing at an “alarming rate”, especially among young adults under the age of 30.

“In almost every household nowadays, you hardly cannot find one person who is into drugs or abusing substances. I please call on us all to collectively salvage our land from the dreaded, silent killer,” she said.

Nigerian Gospel Star, Jeremiah Gyang opens up on mistakes leading to his downfall

Jeremiah Gyang



While walking with my biological father, Evangelist Gyang Luke Dung to the road to get a bus to the studio, the words & melody for this song started to come to me.

This was in 1995.

My birth father passed away in 2005.

Before his passing, he commended me into the Hands of the Most High.

He blessed me with a curse, or, he cursed me with a blessing, and this is it:

He said, “in this life, you will NEVER succeed outside God.”

I will be forever grateful for that condition He set for me.

Now with all these things, I still went prodigal. Here’s the story:


In 2004, God blessed me with a beautiful album, Na Ba Ka!.

In 2005 I signed a ground breaking deal against my father’s advice. This marriage assumed control of my first born child, Na Ba Ka!. Unbeknownst to me, this choice I made was going to end my career as a successful musician, much like a candle in the wind. I presumptuously thought the industry had the morality espoused in the scriptures. How wrong I was!

As a servant of the Most High, lost in a world where I was looking for the treasures that Christ rejected, I started to cast my pearls to the swine, sacrificing what belonged to God, to Satan. All the children that God gave me, I sacrificed them to demons.

The deal I signed was highly promising. The single condition was to bow down in worship, and I was going to receive access and power along with all the kingdoms of the world, and to make me become like God. The tree was really good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise.

“The words of his mouth were smoother than butter, but war was in his heart: his words were softer than oil, yet were they drawn swords.”
— Psalms 55:21 (KJV)

My desire, lust, and ambition blinded me. I forgot that I was already made in the image of God, hence I already was godlike, and didn’t need to answer the seductive call. Through discontentment, I despised the words of Christ, and the gifts of God. Na Ba Ka was already perfect when it came out in 2004, but that tree was too tempting.

1 Timothy 6 (KJV)
⁸ And having food and raiment let us be therewith content.
⁹ But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition.
¹⁰ For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.
¹¹ But thou, O man of God, flee these things; and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness.

I took an already complete, award winning album, and sacrificed it to Satan, then I didn’t keep my part of the contract. As righteous indignation kicked in, I started to question the morals of the my principals. This is very similar to a woman who gets married with the hopes that she can change her husband after, or vice versa. This is the decision I made that took away everything I had from me. I thought my loss would only end in Na Ba Ka, but no. I lost the entire garden of Eden!

Ezekiel 16 (KJV)
¹⁵ But thou didst trust in thine own beauty, and playedst the harlot because of thy renown, and pouredst out thy fornications on every one that passed by; his it was.
¹⁶ And of thy garments thou didst take, and deckedst thy high places with divers colours, and playedst the harlot thereupon: the like things shall not come, neither shall it be so.
¹⁷ Thou hast also taken thy fair jewels of my gold and of my silver, which I had given thee, and madest to thyself images of men, and didst commit whoredom with them,
¹⁸ And tookest thy broidered garments, and coveredst them: and thou hast set mine oil and mine incense before them.
¹⁹ My meat also which I gave thee, fine flour, and oil, and honey, wherewith I fed thee, thou hast even set it before them for a sweet savour: and thus it was, saith the Lord GOD.

All the energy I needed to move on was channeled away from me, and was harnessed to build a machine that would be the constant source of pain for my brethren who are also blinded with ambition, as it is this day.

“For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?”
— Matthew 16:26 (KJV)

“There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.”
— Proverbs 14:12 (KJV)

The world I desired to conquer, became my conqueror. I became a byword and a proverb in my communities, no one would hear my side of the story, because the power of the rich makes their voice louder. I became the punchline of many jokes.

“And thou shalt be brought down, and shalt speak out of the ground, and thy speech shall be low out of the dust, and thy voice shall be, as of one that hath a familiar spirit, out of the ground, and thy speech shall whisper out of the dust.”
— Isaiah 29:4 (KJV)

Psalms 22 (KJV)
⁶ But I am a worm, and no man; a reproach of men, and despised of the people.
⁷ All they that see me laugh me to scorn: they shoot out the lip, they shake the head…

This decision stripped me of my dignity and my honour. When I refused to continue to eat from that tree, the barley and the wine ceased. The promise failed. I became a whitewashed tomb, with product online selling, but never receiving anything in proceeds. My praises were being posthumously sung, from the vantage point of a fallen hero. People would speak about me as though I was already dead!

Proverbs 11 (KJV)
²⁰ They that are of a froward heart are abomination to the LORD: but such as are upright in their way are his delight.
²¹ Though hand join in hand, the wicked shall not be unpunished: but the seed of the righteous shall be delivered.

“Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man:”
— James 1:13 (KJV)

“But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.”
— James 1:14 (KJV)

“Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.”
— James 1:15 (KJV)


Now because of my agreement with that system, the children that God gave me believed in the system. I watched to my dismay how Satan turned the whole narrative upside down before me. He set me up as an example of disloyalty to the sons that God gave me, which I sold to Satan.

Ezekiel 16 (KJV)
²⁰ Moreover thou hast taken thy sons and thy daughters, whom thou hast borne unto me, and these hast thou sacrificed unto them to be devoured. Is this of thy whoredoms a small matter,
²¹ That thou hast slain my children, and delivered them to cause them to pass through the fire for them?
³⁶ Thus saith the Lord GOD; Because thy filthiness was poured out, and thy nakedness discovered through thy whoredoms with thy lovers, and with all the idols of thy abominations, and by the blood of thy children, which thou didst give unto them;
³⁷ Behold, therefore I will gather all thy lovers, with whom thou hast taken pleasure, and all them that thou hast loved, with all them that thou hast hated; I will even gather them round about against thee, and will discover thy nakedness unto them, that they may see all thy nakedness.

“And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.”
— Isaiah 59:14 (KJV)

“Yea, truth faileth; and he that departeth from evil maketh himself a prey: and the LORD saw it, and it displeased him that there was no judgment.”
— Isaiah 59:15 (KJV)

Isaiah 32 (KJV)
⁶ For the vile person will speak villany, and his heart will work iniquity, to practise hypocrisy, and to utter error against the LORD, to make empty the soul of the hungry, and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to fail.
⁷ The instruments also of the churl are evil: he deviseth wicked devices to destroy the poor with lying words, even when the needy speaketh right.

I watched them with my children rise to power, blinded by their own ambitions while I was on my decline. What could I say? They praised me in public, but their works towards me were despiteful. They understood that helping me could be deemed disloyalty and treasonous. They couldn’t help! Their judgement was in favour of their new masters.

Psalms 12 (KJV)
¹ Help, LORD; for the godly man ceaseth; for the faithful fail from among the children of men.
² They speak vanity every one with his neighbour: with flattering lips and with a double heart do they speak.
³ The LORD shall cut off all flattering lips, and the tongue that speaketh proud things:
⁴ Who have said, With our tongue will we prevail; our lips are our own: who is lord over us?
⁵ For the oppression of the poor, for the sighing of the needy, now will I arise, saith the LORD; I will set him in safety from him that puffeth at him.
⁶ The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.
⁷ Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.
⁸ The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.


DISCLAIMER: This is my position concerning the church. There are good churches, and there are good pastors. They are few, and far in between.

Matthew 24 (KJV)
⁴ And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.
⁵ For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

Matthew 7 (KJV)
¹³ Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:
¹⁴ Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.
¹⁵ Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
¹⁶ Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?
¹⁷ Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.
¹⁸ A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
¹⁹ Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.
²⁰ Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.
²¹ Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.
²² Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
²³ And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.
²⁴ Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock:
²⁵ And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.
²⁶ And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand:
²⁷ And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.

BACK TO MY STORY: I went to dine with the devil a young prophet, I came back empty, robbed, and spoiled, with a broken spirit. I lived for years in perplexity, constant depression, and every kind of confusion with no one to comfort me. I, in the mindset of sheep had been configured to believe that everything that’s said in the media, and on pulpits was the truth. I therefore constantly measured myself by the societal standards. I was always found wanting.

“Do they provoke me to anger? saith the LORD: do they not provoke themselves to the confusion of their own faces?”
— Jeremiah 7:19 (KJV)

Isaiah 30 (KJV)
¹ Woe to the rebellious children, saith the LORD, that take counsel, but not of me; and that cover with a covering, but not of my spirit, that they may add sin to sin:
² That walk to go down into Egypt, and have not asked at my mouth; to strengthen themselves in the strength of Pharaoh, and to trust in the shadow of Egypt!
³ Therefore shall the strength of Pharaoh be your shame, and the trust in the shadow of Egypt your confusion.

⁷ For the Egyptians shall help in vain, and to no purpose: therefore have I cried concerning this, Their strength is to sit still.

“And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.”
— Revelation 11:8 (KJV)

I trusted in those systems. Also in the spirit of a prodigal son, I started to open up to different pastors to help me, but they couldn’t. Retrospectively, I realise that they didn’t understand my problem, so they couldn’t help. In fact, some of them took advantage of my pain. I started to go from mountain to hill, I had forgotten my resting place.

Jeremiah 17 (KJV)
⁵ Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD.
⁶ For he shall be like the heath in the desert, and shall not see when good cometh; but shall inhabit the parched places in the wilderness, in a salt land and not inhabited.

I started to see many churches on the increase maligned me, for every one error I made, and errors that I didn’t make they brought out arms and artillery with their arrows and continued to shoot their wounded soldier for years, also with idol shepherds profiteering from my blindness, and my brethren following after them. I was constantly drained with no replenishment.

Jeremiah 50 (KJV)
⁶ My people hath been lost sheep: their shepherds have caused them to go astray, they have turned them away on the mountains: they have gone from mountain to hill, they have forgotten their restingplace.
⁷ All that found them have devoured them: and their adversaries said, We offend not, because they have sinned against the LORD, the habitation of justice, even the LORD, the hope of their fathers.


Brethren, spiritually, I became dead. I became numb. I was living in constant fear, and permanently lost in sin. I had resigned to drugs and women to fill that void. Spiritually I became a desolate wasteland, but while in it, I didn’t realise it!

Jeremiah 30 (KJV)
¹² For thus saith the LORD, Thy bruise is incurable, and thy wound is grievous.
¹³ There is none to plead thy cause, that thou mayest be bound up: thou hast no healing medicines.
¹⁴ All thy lovers have forgotten thee; they seek thee not; for I have wounded thee with the wound of an enemy, with the chastisement of a cruel one, for the multitude of thine iniquity; because thy sins were increased.
¹⁵ Why criest thou for thine affliction? thy sorrow is incurable for the multitude of thine iniquity: because thy sins were increased, I have done these things unto thee.
¹⁶ Therefore all they that devour thee shall be devoured; and all thine adversaries, every one of them, shall go into captivity; and they that spoil thee shall be a spoil, and all that prey upon thee will I give for a prey.
¹⁷ For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the LORD; because they called thee an Outcast, saying, This is Zion, whom no man seeketh after.


In 2015, there was a cataclysm that changed my life. The scales started to fall off, my eyes opened, then suddenly I started to see that I was dead. I started to realise that I was wearing filthy garments, lain lifeless in a valley of dry bones. Then, I started to say: Woe is me!!!

God reminded me of my father, His servant, who worked with Baba Paul Gindiri. God started to remind me of His words, and God started to comfort me in His word.

Scriptures started to come alive. God INDEED CANNOT be mocked. I brought it all upon myself. I was only reaping what I had sown, but God didn’t recompense me fully according to my works. He dealt with me with mercies.

“Say ye to the righteous, that it shall be well with him: for they shall eat the fruit of their doings.”
— Isaiah 3:10 (KJV)

“Woe unto the wicked! it shall be ill with him: for the reward of his hands shall be given him.”
— Isaiah 3:11 (KJV)

“He will not always chide: neither will he keep his anger for ever.”
— Psalms 103:9 (KJV)

“He hath not dealt with us after our sins; nor rewarded us according to our iniquities.”
— Psalms 103:10 (KJV)

“For as the heaven is high above the earth, so great is his mercy toward them that fear him.”
— Psalms 103:11 (KJV)

“And after all that is come upon us for our evil deeds, and for our great trespass, seeing that thou our God hast punished us less than our iniquities deserve, and hast given us such deliverance as this;”
— Ezra 9:13 (KJV)

“Should we again break thy commandments, and join in affinity with the people of these abominations? wouldest not thou be angry with us till thou hadst consumed us, so that there should be no remnant nor escaping?”
— Ezra 9:14 (KJV)

“O LORD God of Israel, thou art righteous: for we remain yet escaped, as it is this day: behold, we are before thee in our trespasses: for we cannot stand before thee because of this.”
— Ezra 9:15 (KJV)

Here’s my biggest lesson in this. If I had taken heed to my father’s instructions, if I had retained his words in my heart and not felt like I could counsel him, this story would be different.

Proverbs 2 (KJV)
¹ My son, if thou wilt receive my words, and hide my commandments with thee;
² So that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom, and apply thine heart to understanding;

Proverbs 3 (KJV)
¹ My son, forget not my law; but let thine heart keep my commandments:
² For length of days, and long life, and peace, shall they add to thee.

Proverbs 4 (KJV)
¹ Hear, ye children, the instruction of a father, and attend to know understanding.
² For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not my law.
³ For I was my father’s son, tender and only beloved in the sight of my mother.
⁴ He taught me also, and said unto me, Let thine heart retain my words: keep my commandments, and live.
⁵ Get wisdom, get understanding: forget it not; neither decline from the words of my mouth.
⁶ Forsake her not, and she shall preserve thee: love her, and she shall keep thee.
⁷ Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.

Proverbs 5 (KJV)
¹ My son, attend unto my wisdom, and bow thine ear to my understanding:
² That thou mayest regard discretion, and that thy lips may keep knowledge.

Proverbs 7 (KJV)
¹ My son, keep my words, and lay up my commandments with thee.
² Keep my commandments, and live; and my law as the apple of thine eye.
³ Bind them upon thy fingers, write them upon the table of thine heart.



  1. If we don’t reestablish fatherhood, the curse on our land will never cease.

Malachi 4 (KJV)
⁴ Remember ye the law of Moses my servant, which I commanded unto him in Horeb for all Israel, with the statutes and judgments.
⁵ Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD:
⁶ And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

  1. If you don’t honour your parents, you will cut your life short. You will fail in life. Your sins God will remember.

“Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.”
— Exodus 20:12 (KJV)

  1. If you don’t honour your parents, you CANNOT honour God.

Mark 7 (KJV)
¹⁰ For Moses said, Honour thy father and thy mother; and, Whoso curseth father or mother, let him die the death:
¹¹ But ye say, If a man shall say to his father or mother, It is Corban, that is to say, a gift, by whatsoever thou mightest be profited by me; he shall be free.
¹² And ye suffer him no more to do ought for his father or his mother;
¹³ Making the word of God of none effect through your tradition, which ye have delivered: and many such like things do ye.

  1. If you don’t honour your parents, you CANNOT honour the elderly.

1 Timothy 5 (KJV)
¹ Rebuke not an elder, but intreat him as a father; and the younger men as brethren;
² The elder women as mothers; the younger as sisters, with all purity.

  1. If you don’t honour your parents, your marriage is doomed to many misfortunes.


Ecclesiasticus 3:1-16 KJV
Hear me your father, O children, and do thereafter, that ye may be safe.

[2] For the Lord hath given the father honour over the children, and hath confirmed the authority of the mother over the sons.

[3] Whoso honoureth his father maketh an atonement for his sins:

[4] And he that honoureth his mother is as one that layeth up treasure.

[5] Whoso honoureth his father shall have joy of his own children; and when he maketh his prayer, he shall be heard.

[6] He that honoureth his father shall have a long life; and he that is obedient unto the Lord shall be a comfort to his mother.

[7] He that feareth the Lord will honour his father, and will do service unto his parents, as to his masters.

[8] Honour thy father and mother both in word and deed, that a blessing may come upon thee from them.

[9] For the blessing of the father establisheth the houses of children; but the curse of the mother rooteth out foundations.

[10] Glory not in the dishonour of thy father; for thy father’s dishonour is no glory unto thee.

[11] For the glory of a man is from the honour of his father; and a mother in dishonour is a reproach to the children.

[12] My son, help thy father in his age, and grieve him not as long as he liveth.

[13] And if his understanding fail, have patience with him; and despise him not when thou art in thy full strength.

[14] For the relieving of thy father shall not be forgotten: and instead of sins it shall be added to build thee up.

[15] In the day of thine affliction it shall be remembered; thy sins also shall melt away, as the ice in the fair warm weather.

[16] He that forsaketh his father is as a blasphemer; and he that angereth his mother is cursed: of God.


Suspected herdsmen kill farmers, vigilante in Plateau

Locals bury Vigilante member killed in Plateau State

Central Nigeria: Gunmen believed to be herdsmen on Tuesday killed two farmers in Christian dominated Vatt community of Foron District, in Barkin Ladi LGA of Plateau State.

Mr. Pam Bulus, 23 and Chun Toma, 20, both from neighbouring Uddeh village were attacked by a group of eight armed men while working in a farm, sources say.

According to a local source, “At about 10:30 am of today, 23rd June, 2020, not less than eight armed Fulani opened heavy gunfire on our local farmers, and we lost two youths.

“Other farmers narrowly escaped into nearby bushes if not, the score of deaths would have been more,” said the source.

Officials have yet to confirm the attack but local vigilante reportedly chased the attackers and lost them in neighboring Gora village in Jos East LGA of Plateau State.

The attack coming on the day 250 Christian villagers were killed by suspected herdsmen in Gashish District of Barkin Ladi LGA (June 23, 2020) was preceded by a similar murder of a Christian vigilante member, Mr. Mankat Kevin in Danbukur village, 40km Southwest of Jos the capital of Plateau State, killing.

Kevin was shot at his duty post on Sunday at about 9:49pm Nigerian time, locals say.

Government securities were said to have arrived after the gunmen had fled.

Armed attacks have persisted in the Central Nigerian State for nearly two decades, mostly in rural communities with little government attention.

The first major attack in March 2010 in Dogon Nahawa village of Jos South Local Government Area left about 500 women and children dead.

The attacks continued despite military presence, till a serving Senator and State Lawmaker were killed in June 2012 at the mass burial of victims of an overnight attack.

With more killings recorded in different villages since then, a Paramount Chief in Bokkos LGA was killed in June 2016.

Officials claim the attacks are clashes between farmers and herders, but the victims have largely been women and children, mostly attacked in their homes at night.

Observers believe the attacks are political and economic, given their potential to displace occupants of a particular village, for the attackers to takeover and start a new economic and political life.

Covid-19: Plateau might resume lockdown over rising cases

Pregnant women living on daily earnings face worse hunger during lockdown

Officials in Plateau State say “flagrant disregard” to laid down guidelines for the control of COVID-19 might lead to another lockdown in the State.

“Government does not want to be pushed to taking any decision that will further hurt the people,” said the State Commissioner for Information, Dan Manjang, Monday in a press statement.

However, the Commissioner said, “non-compliance with regards to the wearing of facemasks, social distancing, hand washing and the use of sanitizers” especially in worship places, markets and motor parks among others is “stimulating government to contemplate severe measures to address and arrest the situation.”

“This could include among many, a total lockdown of the State, for a longer period, and the indefinite sealing of such premises who refuse to adhere to the guidelines,” said the Commissioner.

As of Monday midnight, Plateau has 255 confirmed cases of COVID-19, against 120, recorded before the lifting of lockdown two weeks ago.

“I make more from farming than any paid job” says Plateau graduate

Dorcas Makopson

Dorcas Makopson, a Central Nigerian youth, says she prefers farming to any paid job.

She has only been farming, mainly maize and Irish potato for two years, but Dorcas, a graduate for over a decade has made more than she ever made when she was employed.

From one harvest, Dorcas got over 200 bags of Irish potato, she said, which earned her multiple times more than her previous job earnings for several years.

Currently, a bag of Irish potato in the local market costs between N10,000 and N15,000. 200 bags would therefore give between N2m and N2.5m. Dorcas barely invested up to 25% of that amount, in her 1hctr farm, located 10kms southeast of the Plateau State University, Bokkos.

Aside from the high earning, being self-employed is “more assuring than any paid job,” said Dorcas.

Dorcas in her farm during harvest

She said, “It is your personal business and no one can intimidate you in it. No one can take it away from you except natural disasters which are not peculiar to any person or business. But even at that, the greatest threat to crop production is pests and diseases and perhaps storage but with proper care, you have nothing to fear. But in a paid job, you could be sacked any time and left with nothing.”

Youths without jobs or on low-income jobs could try agriculture, which she said is flexible to allow anyone practice and still pursue their separate passions.

“It is not a full-time job so you can combine it with any other thing you are doing. It provides a reliable source of income to augment what you earn from your job,” she said.

Click to watch Dorcas speak of her achievements in agriculture

Agriculture does have its difficulties, Dorcas admits, but with the right skills and knowledge, which she acquired through government sponsored training, acting on internet information, one is guaranteed to succeed, she said.

“The problem with most youths is they don’t want something that will take up to a month to yield profits. They also don’t want something that will stain their clothes; generally thinking agriculture is for poor, unenlightened people. But many leading economies of the world depend on agriculture to fund their national budgets,” said Dorcas.

She however wishes government policies are designed to encourage youths to engage in agriculture, and contribute to national income.

Plateau: Another community leader queries wrong grazing, gets deep machete cut in the head

Mr. Luka Badung, a community leader in Plateau State attacked with a sword by a herder

Mr. Luka Badung, a Community leader in Central Nigeria’s Plateau State, Tuesday suffered brutal machete attack, when he asked a herder to control his straying cattle, MK gathers.

Banghai hamlet in Bachi District of Riyom Local Government Area, the home of the attacked villager, had previously been invaded several times by armed assailants believed to be herders.

Since the June 2012 herdsmen murder of Mr. Gyang Dantong, a native Senator representing Plateau North in the Nigerian National Assembly however, farmers and herders cohabited peacefully in the community until the attack on the community leader.

“It was the least of my expectations, given that I know him and he knows me. And we have stayed together with his parents for long without any conflicts,” said Mr. Badung.

The attacker, grazing in Badung’s backyard where local goats were kept, refused to move his cattle, when admonished to, but instead accosted the Village Chief.

Badung on hospital bed

Badung in an interview with MK said, “Several times I asked him to move the cattle to avoid damaging the robes used to tie the goats but he ignored me. When I attempted chasing the cattle away, he rushed me with a herding stick. He hit me on the rib, shoulder and neck. When I fell down, he pulled out a machete and struck me on the head, leaving me for dead.”

The herder identified as Jafaru, is still unarrested, but his parents have been footing the medical bills of the assaulted community leader.

Another Community leader in Bokkos Local Government Area, Musa Daniel Taka, was Sunday murdered in a similar attack.

Daniel Taka murdered by suspected herdsmen

Taka was hit with a machete near his house, by suspected herdsmen, hours to a meeting he scheduled to settle another case of attack on a local farmer.

The farmer, Mr. Amas Daniel was assaulted with herding sticks last week Thursday when he asked a group of herders to move their straying cattle out of his farm.

Amas Daniel wounded by herdsmen in his farm

Parents of the herders were compelled by Police with the intervention of the slain community leader, to foot the attacked farmer’s hospital bills.

The herders, just like Mr. Bangai’s attacker, are still unarrested, despite evidences linking them to the murder of a villager in February 2020.

Observers say impunity might be responsible for the persisting attacks in the Central Nigerian State.

Plateau: Community leader hacked to death while trying herders’ assault on subject

Central Nigeria: Suspected herdsmen, Sunday killed a Community Leader in Plateau State’s Daffo District of Bokkos Local Government Area, Mr. Musa Daniel Taka.

Taka, 49, the Community Head Kambang-Malul hamlet was hit on the neck near the hind brain with an object believed to be an axe, while walking to his house, at about 8pm local time.

The assailants, likely laying ambush, took down the victim, tiptoeing from behind, and fled immediately, said an eyewitness, Mr. Danjuma Taka.

“I was walking in front of him and suddenly heard him fall down. I turned back immediately and ran into the village screaming when I saw him bleeding with torchlights escaping into corn farms,” Danjuma told Journalists, Thursday.

Taka was murdered hours to a scheduled hearing into a case of assault before him, brought against some local herders by a crop farmer, Mr. Amas Daniel.

Mr. Amas Daniel, wounded in his farm by herdsmen

Daniel was gang-beaten with herding sticks last week Thursday, when, according to him, he attempted chasing some straying cattle out of his crop farm.

In his words, “From my house, I saw the cattle grazing on the growing crops. I quarried the action of the herders and demanded that they moved them out of the farm. But they confronted me, asking me to chase the cattle if I had the nerves. I took a stick and started to chase them and the herders, three in number rushed me and started brutalizing me.”

Police investigating the case located parents of the assaulters and compelled them to pay the medical bills of the assaulted farmer, it was gathered.

On Sunday when he was discharged, the slain community leader fixed Monday for a followup meeting with the assaulted farmer and parents of the suspects.

He was however murdered near the assaulted Daniel’s house, leaving suspicions of a planned followup attack on the farmer.

“Since it happened near my house on the day I was discharged, shortly after the community leader came to see me, and a day to the scheduled meeting where I was expected to give further details on the assault in my farm, I can’t help but believe I was the prime target,” Daniel said.

A native woman however said the assailants, hiding in the bushes, rushed towards her minutes earlier, while walking in the same path but retreated as she fled.

Chairman of the Forums of Ron Kulere Development Associations, Mr. Benjamin Shaweng believes the attack may have targeted both the community leader and the subject he was defending.

He said, “There are no two ways about it. The interconnections are just too clear. The people that attacked this man (Daniel) are the same people that attacked the community leader. We have had several cases like that in Bokkos. A herder will destroy your crops or assault you and when you take the case further and it favours you, he comes back later for your life and that of any other person standing with you.”

The suspects of the farmland assault on Mr. Daniel have records of criminal conspiracy and murder already, said the Youth President of Kambang-Malul hamlet, Mr. Malan Laurence Makwin.

“The same suspects were indicted in the murder of a youth in neighboring Malul village in February 2020. They were arrested and detained but later released. Since then, they have been threatening people with abandon,” said the Youth leader.

Authorities have yet to speak on the murder, but Police arrived the scene soon as it was reported, and are believed to be investigating the case.

"My main goal is to secure communities prone to attacks" - Senator Gyang

Sen. ID Gyang meets peace committee from Bassa LGA

Nigeria’s Deputy Senate Committee Chairman on Defense, Istifanus Gyang says his “major preoccupation” is to ensure the safety of citizens in Plateau North, his Senatorial constituency.

“I want to ensure the speedy restoration of peace to vulnerable communities prone to attacks,” said Gyang, Monday in a meeting with a peace and security committee locally set up to resolve armed conflicts in the State’s Bassa Local Government Area.

The Senator, “concerned” over the attacks pledged partnership with the committee to build “lasting peace”.

The Chairman of the committee, Chief Richard Adamson, told the Senator that the committee has 12 terms of reference, including “proffering sustainable solutions to the prevailing security challenges.”

The Committee, Adamson said has set out to rebuild and resettle 19 displaced villages where 601 people were killed.

“The committee envisions zero attack in Irigwe land and the strengthening of dialogue among community leaders across ethnic and religious divides,” the Chairman said.

The committee has produced a working document to guide its engagements, he said.

Plateau buys back privatized farm to create local Agro jobs

Governor Lalong ploughs a plot in BARC farm to launch its reactivation

Plateau State has bought back its earlier privatized commercial farm, with the hope of occupying 40% of Nigeria’s market share.

The State’s Brewery Agro Research Company (BARC) Farms in Zallaki Village of Bassa Local Government was one of Nigeria’s largest barley producing farms until it was privatized in mid-1900s. It supplied raw materials to the State’s Jos International Breweries and others in the country.

It also produced vegetables, fruits, fish and assorted diary products among others in commercial quantity.

Since it was sold however, the company stopped producing, but was never reacquired.

The present State Governor, Simon Lalong in 2015 when he was elected vowed to buy back the company and resume production.

So far, the State has paid N1bn (USD2.6m), officials say, representing 70 percent of the total company shares, hoping to pay for the remaining shares later in the year.

“The reacquisition of BARC Farms is a very bold step to return the pride of Plateau State and create jobs by reviving commercial agriculture which the farm was reputed for,” Governor Simon Lalong said.

To begin the reactivation of the farm, Governor Lalong on Saturday launched the allocation of one thousand hectares of the farm to the State’s All Farmers Association, interested civil servants, pensioners, political office holders and members of the host community under a “temporary arrangement”.

Gov. Lalong presents offer letter to farmers wishing to hire parts of the farm

Commissioner for Commerce and Industry Mr. Abe Mark Aku and the General Manager, Plateau Investments and Properties Company Mr. Chrys Yilzak adviced citizens to “support the Governor by embracing farming so as to create other sources of income particularly at this time when COVID-19 has greatly impacted the State’s resources.”

Given recent security breaches near the farm and the bad road network in its host community, Government, according to the State Commissioner for Agriculture Dr. Hosea Finangwai is “Taking steps to address public fears and reassure farmers of their safety and investment.”

Women farming, hawking to survive are strong says Plateau Senator; Gifts grinding machines, others

Senator Gyang gifts 120 grinding, sewing machines to women

Nigerian Senator, Istifanus Gyang says local women hawking, farming and even crushing stones to sale and feed their families have proved strong.

Women, particularly in Northern Plateau, are “enterprising, resourceful and productive,” said Gyang, Friday in Jos, the capital of Plateau State.

“They are always up and doing in seeking and creating opportunities to earn a living and provide for their children and households,” he said, reeling out assorted sewing and grinding machines for women empowerment in Plateau North which he represents in the Nigerian National Assembly.

The machines donated to 120 women aim to increase income for the women and improve national economy, the Senator said.

“If you Empower a woman, the whole family, community and nation will be greatly impacted,” he said.

Grinding, sewing machines and tricycles donated by Sen. Gyang for women, youth empowerment

The Senator who also donated 10 tricycles to youths in the Senatorial zone vowed to keep empowering women, youths and the general electorates to turnaround the “misfortunes associated with the Plateau North.”

Gyang will Saturday commission a rural market in Riyom LGA.

Plateau farmers, herders not at war; criminal illiterates attacking villages – Aged Fulani tribesman

Alh. Mukaka Jigi

MKReporters, Jos: Armed attacks have persisted in Central Nigeria’s Plateau State villages for about two decades.

Widely considered to be “clashes” between farmers and herders, the ‘conflicts’ are mostly mistaken or escalated violence by uneducated youths, Mr. Mukaka Jigi, 70, a Fulani tribesman in Plateau State.

The real farmers or herders, Jigi said are not at war with each other.

“We both have valuables to lose during conflicts. Those children that don’t have farms or herds or anything to lose but something to gain when conflicts occur are the real problem,” he said.

A child who lacks formal and moral education, the aged man said is danger to himself and the society.

“Most of the attacks in farmer communities also occur in herder communities and are often carried out by the same group of people, usually criminals from different tribes and religions working together to create opportunities to rob or loot and bury their tracks,” Mr. Jigi told MK.

Sadly, said Jigi, 98% of their children grow up in bushes with little or no access to education.

Children deprived education, sent herd in Plateau State

“Our people hardly enrol children in school because it is expensive or too far for a child to attend and still assist at home with the animals after school,” he said.

Government establishing schools in villages and mandating parents to enrol children, Jigi believes will be first step to resolving “farmer-herder” conflicts.

“We cannot eliminate violent illiterates in a day but we can reduce their population by increasing school access and encouraging child enrolment.

“Government would also need to stop defining the attacks as farmer-herder conflicts and go after the criminals in the bushes rather than always organizing peace meetings with people that know nothing about the issues,” said the Janda villager in Gashish district, Plateau State.

"Lockdown caused hardship," says Governor Lalong; reviews covid-19 guidelines

Plateau villagers sit by own homes before government allowed farming activities during lockdown

Central Nigeria: Recent restrictions on movements, religious and other public gatherings in Plateau State may have done more harm than the government’s intended good.

The restrictions aimed to contain the coronavirus disease and “effectively deal with its impact”, said the Governor, Thursday in Jos.

“While these measures have greatly helped, there is no doubt that they have caused hardship to all of us,” Lalong told Journalists.

The Governor lifted all the restrictions but gave specific guidelines “till further notice.”

In the Governor’s words, “The curfew imposed by the Federal Government from 10pm – 6am will continue to be observed until further directives are issued.

“There shall be no entry whatsoever, into public offices, banks, markets, stores, tricycles and vehicles without wearing facemasks.

“Violators of this order will be arrested and taken before the mobile courts.iv. Cultural festivals, anniversaries and large-scale gatherings remain banned.

“Ban on commercial motorcycles will remain in force, except Dispatch Riders and other essential service The ban on illegal Sunday markets on Ahmadu Bello Way, and Bukuru Metropolis remains in force.

“Churches and Mosques with large spaces shall be allowed to accommodate more than 50 worshippers under strict observance of the use of facemasks, social distancing, hand washing, use of infrared thermometers and use of sanitizers.

“All public places like Markets, Shops, Hotels, Restaurants that fail to comply with the hygiene or sanitation regulations, social distancing as well as use of facemasks shall be penalized and where appropriate, bear any cost or penalty as would be specified.

“All public places like Markets, Shops, Hotels, and Restaurants that fail to comply with the hygiene or sanitation regulations, social distancing as well as use of facemasks shall be shut down and the owners prosecuted.

“The Head of Civil Service has been directed to work out modalities for the resumption of other category of civil servants who have been working from home.

“While the Lockdown is relaxed within the State, inter-state borders shall remain closed with greater enforcement.

“All Schools are to remain closed.”

Lalong advised citizens to participate in “mass community testing” to be carried out in the State “to avoid further spread of the virus.”

Rescued by private donors, girl detained in hospital over unpaid bills to be enrolled in business

Precious Danjuma leaves hospital after discharge documentation

Central Nigeria: Precious Danjuma, 15, a fatal accident survivor detained in Jos hospital for five months over unpaid bills is now home.

The bills were cleared, Tuesday through public donations, and all documentations for her release completed Thursday noon.

Taking off from Jos, the capital of Plateau State at about 4:45pm, Precious in company of her father and MK team arrived Hayin Gada hamlet of Gidan Waya village in Southern Kaduna state at about 7pm, Thursday.

Excitedly welcomed by anxiously waiting neighbors and villagers, Precious, gently dragging herself with support of crutches acquired on release, sang praises till she got to her home.

As typical of village buildings, Precious’ room is made of mud blocks with no plaster, secure door or ceiling. Her bed, an old wooden furniture was dusty and clearly unsafe for the gradually healing wounds on her fractured leg.

Having advised on ways to prevent infections, MK’s next objective was to give her the funds remaining from donations received in regards of her unpaid bills.

Precious Danjuma arrives home in Gidan Waya village in Southern Kaduna

However, she has no bank account. The family and environment around her were not found to be favourable for physical cash storage. Again, giving her cash without the means to reproduce it for financial independence was considered unwise.

Thus, Precious was quizzed and found to have interest and experience in petty business – buying and selling foodstuffs. A bank account is already being worked out for her, with her shop coming as soon as a suitable apartment is secured.

A psychologist is also on hand to offer professional counselling to the high school student and her parents to prevent any conflicts arising from their lack of care for her while on admission.

Once again, sincere appreciations to you for responding to Precious’ need and all others you’re lending support to that the media does not talk about. God reward your labour of love!!!

"Pray for Justice Dongbaan-Mensem," pleads Gov. Lalong on her delayed confirmation as President Court of Appeal

Gov. Lalong congratulates Justice Dongbaan-Mensem over her nomination as PCA

MKReporters: Plateau State Governor, Simon Lalong says Acting President of the Nigerian Court of Appeal, Justice Monica Dongbaan-Mensem will uphold justice, truth and integrity if confirmed.

“I have no fear that she will give a good account of herself as she has done in the past,” said Lalong, Tuesday in a press statement through his Press Chief, Mr. Simon Makut.

Lalong had Sunday appreciated federal officials for nominating the Plateau Christian daughter of an ex Judicial Officer but also sought prayers for her confirmation as substantive president.

Dongbaan-Mensem was made Acting President of the Appeal Court on March 6, 2020 following the retirement of the then President, Justice Zainab Bulkachuwa who clocked the mandatory retirement age of 70.

This was against provided laws which require that Dongbaan-Mensem, being the most senior Judge be made substantive President. Section 238(4) states: “If the office of the President of the Court of appeal is vacant, or if the person holding the office is for any reason unable to perform the functions of the office, then until a person has been appointed to and has assumed the functions of that office, or until the person holding the office has resumed those functions, the President shall appoint the most senior Justice of the Court of Appeal to perform those functions.”

Justice Dongbaan-Mensem

While questions were still rising, President Buhari extended the appointment of Justice Dongban-Mensem as the Acting President of the Court of Appeal (PCA) from June 3, 2020 for a further period of three months.

This has raised fears about a plot to deny her rightful appointment as substantive President of the Court of Appeal.

The Federal Judicial Service Commission (FJSC) had recommended both Justice Dongban-Mensem and Justice Mohammed Lawal Garba to the National Judicial Council (NJC) to replace Bulkachuwa in line with the Constitution.

Being the most senior judge of the court, the NJC forwarded Dongban-Mensem’s name to President Buhari for onward transmission to the Senate for confirmation in line with Section 238. (1) of the Constitution which states that: “The appointment of a person to the office of President of the Court of appeal shall be made by the President on the recommendation of the National Judicial Council subject to confirmation of such appointment by the Senate.”

In the last few months, President Buhari has written to the Nigerian Senate seeking confirmation of other appointees but not Mrs. Dongbaan-Mensem’s name, raising suspicions of nepotism which Buhari’s administration has long been accused of.

Since the establishment of the Court of Appeal in 1976, only the first president, Justice D. O. Ibekwe was Christian. All others – Mamman Nasir, K. M. A. Akanbi, Umaru Abdullahi, J. A. Salami and Z. A. Bulkachuwa were Muslims.

Buhari might be faced with difficult choices – to disabuse the minds of Nigerians that he is biased in his appointments or maintain status quo to please his kinsmen and likely political party. Dongban-Mensem is a minority northern Christian from Plateau State with no political record or links to the President. Garba is a northern Muslim. He chaired the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal which delivered judgment in favour of Buhari in September 2019.

Mensem is already being faulted as part of the supposed plot to knock her off, but how the President beats himself out of this crisis, especially with widespread criticism already fuming from different observers including a famous Muslim ex military Officer, Col. Abubakar Dangiwa, only time will tell.

Boy prostrates to sip water from dirty gutter in Jos

Boy drinking water from dirty gutter in Jos

MKReporters, Jos, Nigeria: Africa has the world's highest prevalence rate of diseases because facilities and knowledge for prevention are lacking.

The boy in the picture fled before MK could get his name, when he noticed he was being photographed. However, that he was drinking from a dirty water channel, less than 10ft to a sewage pit was disturbing.

Plateau's Water Board Office is just some 100mtrs away from the spot, close to Angwan Rogo junction in Jos, the capital of Plateau State. There is fair water supply in the area, but many pipes, rusty and broken pass through dirty drainages.
Plateau State Water Board Office, Bauchi Road Jos

Water passing through the pipes either spills on the way without getting to user taps or transports dirt picked through cracked pipes. 

The photographed boy drinking from a crater within which spilled water from cracked pipes settles before flowing to larger drainages was possibly making use of a bad situation.
Water pipes pass through dirty gutters in Bauchi road community in Jos

Water in the area is hawked in jerrycans. If you can't get it at home, if you ever have water piped to your house, then you have to buy. This is because most alternative water sources are miles away from the residential area.
To get alternative drinking water in Bauchi road community, one must buy from mobile water vendors

With Coronavirus causing widespread economic stress, the boy, poor as he looked, probably had no means to get drinking water. But how does he escape waterborne diseases if he continues this way? Records from the Nigerian Red Cross Society show that the area has high cases of waterborne diseases, clearly due to poor drinking water.

Presently, more than 1,300 children under the age of five die every day, based on UNICEF statistics, because of diseases caused by unsafe drinking water, poor sanitation and hygiene. 

Generally, waterborne diseases, according to WHO account for an estimated 3.6% of the total DALY (disability- adjusted life year) global burden of disease, and cause about 1.5 million human deaths annually.

Coronavirus, the world’s most dreaded disease killed about 345,000 people in five months, an estimated 65,000 every month. This figure is about 55.2% less than total number of deaths caused by waterborne diseases. By 1.5million deaths annually, waterborne diseases kill an estimated 125,000 people every month.

Should this boy and other kids like him continue drinking from such gutters and raising the figures for waterborne related deaths?